Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Humble Yourself

The UPS truck scurried across our parking lot, the driver quickly grasping a package from the rear of the vehicle before scampering into our office. As he set the package on the counter; he fluidly maneuvered his hand held device for our office assistant, Sarah, to sign verifying delivery.

Sarah brought this delivered box with my name to me as I sat at my desk. Pulling out my pocket knife, I curiously opened the delivery; as no memory of any recent orders existed. Inside were two coolers, each having a six pack capacity, complete with an 'around the waist' design; along with two Cabalas gift certificates. The enclosed letter revealed these were fulfilling a promise of completing an online short course of chemical products taken in February, I had forgotten.

I chose to disperse of the six pack coolers, I still have an old "Super Sweet Feeds" cooler from the early 1980s. One cooler went to Sarah, another to Kevin, the operator of the chemical and fertilizer dispersion equipment. Kevin accepted his quickly, without comment; he was busy. Both of these individuals' work is critical to our success. Sarah joked that she would have accepted a Cabalas gift card also. I later placed one of the cards in the cooler when she was not looking.

I then began pondering giving the other Cabalas card to a young man. He had made a costly mistake earlier in the day; however we are called to forgive. I softly, yet firmly, asked what he would do differently next time as to avoid the costly mistake. This is a question I frequently ask of myself, whether success or failure. How would I improve next time? Unfortunately, this young man became indignant and arrogant; refusing to answer. I did not give him the gift card.

A few minutes later, the Lord opened my eyes. His lesson had little to do with Sarah, Kevin, and the young man. I gave Sarah the gift card because she was very grateful for the cooler, a small gift; and she asked for the gift card. I may have given Kevin one of the gift cards, but he was too busy to acknowledge the gift. I firmly believe he did appreciate it. The other young man received nothing due to being indignant and arrogant. He is frequently not this way.

The Lord said, "Rick, when you are grateful for small things and ask for your desires; I will give them to you; even though you have not earned them. Rick, when you accept my gifts but are too busy to express your gratitude I will withhold even greater gifts available for immediate dispersion. Rick, when you are indignant and arrogant toward me; ignoring my voice of correction and guidance; I will withdraw the gifts I planned to give you immediately."

Let us be humble, appreciative of gifts, and obedient to God's voice.

Make it a Great Day in Christ!
Rick E. Meyer