Friday, February 26, 2010

Do your Best

Did you do your best?

My parents asked this of me frequently, whether I performed poorly or competed with the world’s best. They had only one standard: That I do my best with the time, talent, energy, money, people, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that I possessed at the moment. Stating the obvious, when we do our best, no better effort is possible. If a better performance is possible, common sense illuminates we failed to do our best.

Do you desire to associate with those who do, ‘just enough get by?’ I have been guilty of “just enough to get by 'itis” in the past. Any memorable achievement, whether in business, athletics or academics NEVER resulted while infected with “just enough to get by.” This is the primary reason I performed poorly in the classroom. My lack of enjoyment in studying, prevented me from doing my best; although I frequently attempted to convince myself otherwise.

I recently encountered someone infected with “just enough to get by 'itis,” as I priced a new windshield for my car. Due to a few chips from semi-trucks, now converted into a couple of major cracks, the windshield needs replacing. I spoke with a company representative who informed me that if I found a lower quote to let them know. They in turn would match or better the competitor’s quote if lower. I suggested they provide their best price right away. The glass company arrogantly stated they were conducting their business the same as many others. They continued on with many rambling excuses.

This company representative, and most likely their Vice President of Marketing who instigates this strategy, fails to realize they are pontificating the desire to only do enough to get by, to get the sale. If this is true in their sales, one can safely assume this same attitude exists throughout their organization, including their work quality and customer service. This company’s performance level will be “just enough to get by.” This company failed to understand why I ignored their complacent attitude, disassociating myself from them.

I placed my business with another company who provided their best effort on the first request. I know they will do their best in both quality and customer service. If a mistake is made by this company who does their best, I will quickly forgive them because I know their attitude is correct.

As Christians, God desires for us to do more than just enough to get by in our relationship with Him. Christ desires for us to give our best in our walk with him every second of every day. Just as I despise the company for doing just enough to get by, as were my parents disappointed in me when I failed to do my best; Christ is disappointed in us when we focus on just doing enough to get to heaven. If we continually walk through life with that attitude, we may be surprised to learn Christ has disassociated himself from our complacency.

Are we going to make mistakes? Of course we are! However, Christ quickly forgives us when we continually seek to love him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength; when we love our fellow man as much as we love ourselves.

As humans, perfection is virtually out of the question; however we can seek to do our best all the time.

Walk with Christ, Talk with Christ, Achieve with Christ.

See Creation, Believe Christ's power and forgiveness, Achieve all that God created you to Achieve.

In Christ,
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.