Saturday, January 31, 2009

Washing our Feet

John 13:5-8 - After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him. Simon Peter asked, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?” Jesus responded, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” “No,” Peter objected, “you shall never wash my feet.” Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me”.

Reading on we find Jesus saying only our feet need washing, we do not need our hands, heads, and arms washed.

Perhaps my two (2) year old nephew will try to use this scripture with his mother at bath time, after helping his dad around the farm all day. This could be an interesting phone conversation with my sister. If my nephew were to enter my sister’s home with shoes worn in the sheep pens, he would receive less than a Royal welcome.

Why is Christ adamant of needing only to wash our feet? Once during a church youth group’s ski trip, we washed one another’s feet after a day of skiing. We had previously showered. This is amazingly comforting.

Christ teaches numerous examples with each lesson. He is certainly teaching about serving each other, of this, much is written. Christ also illustrates why feet are the only parts of our body needing cleansing. Our feet are in contact with the world, Jesus says, “I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world anymore than I am of the world” (John 17:14); and “They are not of the world, even as I am not of it” (John 17:16). The world opposes God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Physical contact with the world pollutes our feet.

Christianity is not the only religion recognizing the significance of feet. My dad spent nine (9) months in Saudi Arabia during my senior year in high school. He grew irrigated wheat for a Saudi Prince. He once dined with their Minister of Agriculture and flew on the personal plane belonging to the King of Saudi Arabia. During his tenure dad was offered a tour of the muslim mosque all face when praying. He politely declined. Dad worshipped the one true God, our Savior Jesus Christ. He desired no association with a false god. Shortly after this offer, another non-muslim accepted the offer. The one who accepted was told once inside, ‘you can leave, but your feet will stay here on this holy ground because you are non-muslim’; or a very similar statement with the same message.

Christ washes our feet, cleansing our worldly pollution; enabling us to walk with Him. Just as my sister insists on banning polluted feet from her home, our Savior bans our polluted feet in His mansion, which he has gone to prepare for us. We must allow Christ to wash our feet with His death and resurrection at Calvary. Christ instructs us to bring our purified feet, along with our body and mind on our journey with Him.

Daily allow Christ to figuratively wash your feet, cleansing you of worldly, sinful pollution. How do we activate this washing? We confess our mistakes, our evil thoughts of envy, greed, lust, gossip, immorality, including acknowledgement of mistakes we made which we do not yet recognize. We ask our Lord for strength and guidance is turning from, repenting, our thoughts, word, and actions incongruent with scripture, the pure Word of God. Acknowledge His death and resurrection allows this cleansing. Knowing He washes our feet, cleanses our souls because of His generosity. We, outside of Christ, have no worthwhile merit in this gift; just as the disciples had no personal merit of earning Christ washing their feet.

Make it a Great Day in Christ!
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God, Faith, Mentors, and Boston

John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”

As an eight year old in June 1975 standing by the old windmill tower between our house and the barn, I set five major goals; including running the Boston Marathon. Boston is the world’s premier annual marathon, second overall to the Olympic Marathon. As an eight year bow-legged farm boy, I could barely run a quarter of a mile non-stop.

I wrote this goal down in one spot, on my mind! Scripture instructs us to submit our plans to the Lord, allowing Him to direct our thoughts. A goal written on our mind and submitted to our Lord enables Him to direct our thoughts towards achievement. The goal remained written on my mind for twenty years. In May 1994, suffering a six week battle with a stress fracture, unable to run more than two to three miles, I made the decision to run the Boston Marathon April 17, 1995.

Consequently, the Lord directed me to increase my scripture reading. I meditated on John 15 virtually every day. Eventually I created a summary, “I cannot, Christ can, We (Christ and I) are”. Additionally I confessed, “It is not me, rather Christ who is in me”. Within a few weeks, I was running seventy to ninety miles-per-week; including a weekly twenty to twenty-five miler before 8:30 am church.

April 17, 1995 finally arrived, the day of which I had been dreaming of for nearly twenty years. I arrived at the starting line with 10,000 others with bib number “199” pinned onto my white “Beta Sig” racing singlet. I began slowly, crossing 2 miles in 12:00; gradually accelerating, passing ten miles in 54:57 missing my goal time, also written only on my mind, of 55:00 by 3 seconds. The crowd of 1.5 to 2 million spectators lining the course cheered wildly, at times deafening.

Each time a youth would praise my effort, I confessed the paraphrased John 15:5, “It is not me, rather Christ who is in me” or “Without Christ, I am nothing”.
Increasing the significance, I NEVER speak during a race; it wastes of energy.

The more I confessed this audibly and silently, the faster I ran; speeding up to 5:02 miles, passing some of the world’s top ranked marathoners. Fatigue permeated my legs, the greater the pain, the greater I confessed John 15:5; the more I confessed, the faster I ran. A perpetual spiral of upward performance. The Lord directed my thoughts.

He also directed my thoughts to drink water through 16 miles, through the advice of my Hall of Fame coach, Lyle Claussen. I ignored this advice, believing that my performance exceeded the need of water. We must listen to mentors!
The last five miles were miserable, I craved to be "temporarily dead"; yet I finished in 49th place; continually acknowledging my dependence on the Lord. Upon finishing, the medical personnel placed me on IV’s for 2 hours. I was a couple of liters low on water, I do not recommend you try this with your automobiles' oil.

A Boston Globe reporter expressed disappointment as I departed the medical tent alive, still wearing my white “Beta Sig” singlet. I accomplished my goal set in 1975, by placing my dependence on our Lord. Do we submit all of our plans to the Lord?

Despite our intellect, finances, or physical conditioning; apart from Christ we are helpless. With Him, we can compete and perform with the world’s best! Remain in Christ, bear much fruit.

Make it a Great Day in Christ!
Rick E. Meyer

Rick Meyer Speaking

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fear Not!

August 12, 2007
Excerpt from Sermon delivered at Zion Lutheran Church, Albion, NE
Prepared and Delivered by: Rick E. Meyer

(Genesis 15:1, 25:24, Isaiah 41:10, 43:5)

Bombs were exploding; torpedoes constantly approaching, bullets flying about. My Uncle LaVerne and his shipmates in the Aleutian Islands during WWII believed this was the day, the moment they were joining their Savior in Heaven. Logic offered no survival mode from this Japanese onslaught.

SUDDENLY, as my Uncle described the events to his daughter LaVerna, a distinct voice, of no human origin, spoke to him and probably to all of the others on that ship, saying, “Fear Not, for I AM with you Always”. Uncle LaVerne said instantaneously, he and to the best of his knowledge all his shipmates, were saturated with Peace. They were living in Faith of Almighty God just as Abraham and all the Godly men of the bible did before them.

Uncle LaVerne married my dad’s oldest and youngest sister in the late 1940’s; they enjoyed life on the farm. They raised cattle, hogs, corn, wheat, grain sorghum, LaVerna, several other children not theirs biologically and much laughter. LaVerne and Berniel were never wealthy financially, yet their spiritual wealth was immeasurable. I knew them for 39 years, they were always content; always taking life in stride, but not for granted. I was not aware of the events in the Pacific until a day or two after LaVerne’s passing when I was asked to speak at his funeral and my now ex-wife and I, were asked to conduct the graveside service outside of Portis, Kansas.

However, I was very aware of the life of Faith, the life of Fear Not, which LaVerne and Berniel lived every moment. It mattered not whether the markets were up or down, the weather dry or wet, or even when a massive hail storm knocked out every window in their farm home; they ‘Feared Not’; knowing that their Heavenly Father was with them every step of the way. They knew the same Lord who promised and delivered Abraham, who delivered Moses and the Israelites out of the Pharaoh’s hand, who deflected missiles, bullets and torpedoes around the United States Navy ship in the Aleutian Islands in the 1940’s, held their life in His loving hands every moment of their life.

LaVerne and Berniel worked hard, prayed, and worshipped even harder. They knew their efforts did not produce a profitable crop or livestock herd, just our efforts do not produce anything worthwhile, rather our Lord Jesus Christ working through their efforts and our efforts. “It is not I, rather Christ who is in me”!

Most reading this probably never met LaVerne Anderson; however some of you may know a Veteran with a similar experience or you may have experienced an event where evil was casting full power trying to take your physical life. Each of us, as followers of Christ, are continually being bombarded upon in a Spiritual warfare by the enemy trying to kill our Faith in God Almighty with doubt, envy, greed, lust, gossip and every other form of sin. Just as my Uncle LaVerne and his shipmates could do nothing to save themselves, except turn to and trust in God; we are to do the same. Logic and reason may offer no solutions to your difficulties. Listen for God’s voice, saying, “Fear Not, for I AM with you Always”. You, like Uncle LaVerne, will have an inner peace surpassing all human understanding. Fear Not – Live in Faith!

Make it a Great Day in Christ!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

One Way!

John 14:6 - Jesus answered, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him."

Rev. Ben Bahr recently referred to a poll, I believe conducted by Pew research, finding 50% of "Christians" believe Jesus is wrong, that he lied! Those 50% believe Jesus is simply one of several ways to salvation.

Jesus is straight forward explaining He alone possesses the Way to Eternal life. My friend Chuck recently commented on Jesus being full of love; yet so many despise Him. Why is this? Chuck elaborated, Jesus demands accountability; our sinful nature despises accountability. We want to act and believe according to our worldly knowledge instead of Godly Wisdom attained by submittig our plans to the Lord; allowing Him to direct our thoughts.

Scripture is filled with proof of Jesus being the only way to salvation. Do we see this proof live out in the lives of Christians?

Allen, a 81 year old World War II veteran, sufferred a heart attack in 2005. The damage was severe, he was life flighted by a helicopter ambulance to Omaha. A day or two following the successful surgery, the emergency physician entered Allen's room. He inquired of Allen, "You must be a Christian?". Allen humbly responded, "I am, this was not on my form, and no one asked me before now, why do you ask?". The doctor explained he is able to differentiate Christians in life and death situations; as Christians remain at peace as the probability of death increases. Conversely, non-Christians, those who believe Jesus' death and resurrection is meaningless, become anxious and uptight.

Karen has been an EMT for nearly 30 years. Karen has seen numerous fatalities during her tenure. She too observed a distinct demarcation in the behaivior of Christians versus non-Christians as death approaches. Karen notes that non-Christians are uneasy, uptight, and selfish when they near death. Conversely, she too has observed the peace of Christians in physical death.

Karen related a story about Margaret who died in an automobile accident in the early to mid-1980s. Margaret initially survived the crash after accidently running a stop sign; however her internal injuries were beyond repair. While riding in the ambulance Margaret's concern were on the driver of the other vehicle, and her family. Margaret did not stop there, she prayed for the EMT's who rescued her and were at her side. She knew she would soon be entering her Father's house in heaven; she was at peace. However, she knew the EMT's would have to live with this tragedy, as she was dying, she asked our Lord to comfort them. Margaret, through her Christian faith continued her unselfish serving of our Lord as departed this life.

Despite health care, despite regulations of the EPA, OSHA and other Federal Bureaucracies, despite Global Warming or Global Cooling you and I are going to physically die. We do not know the day or the hour our Lord is allowing our earthly life to expire.

When death approaches you, are you going to be uneasy, uptight, and selfish as the unbelievers, or are you going to have an amazing peace which surpasses all human understanding, praying for those you leave behind?

Jesus is clear, He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him! (John 14:6)

Make it a Great Day in Christ!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What are you Catching?

There is a whole bunch of Excellent Health going around, I am catching it every millisecond.

This was my reply during a recent phone conversation when I asked if I were feeling sickness, including a running nose. Apparently some people hope you join the "I am sick" club. I was informed that a great deal of varying sickness, from colds to flu to were going around. Evidently, we are all suppose to participate. Does this remind you of the media's portrayal of the economy?

The only time I am sick is when my focus is on what is wrong instead of what is right. Consequently, I rarely get sick. Additionally, whenever I have been sick, I do not feel good. I prefer feeling good, the logical conclusion is discontinuing sickness.

We should commence on calling those who prefer bad health. "Did you hear of all the excellent health going around? Have you caught any of it? Why not?"

The world will always contain those who are sick, and those with excellent health.

Choose to catch excellent health every millisecond of everyday.

Make it a Great Day!

Keep your Eyes on Christ

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

“Eternal Life is now!” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther. Our souls, once in possession of Christ never die. As Christians, we walk in His presence as we walk on earth. The challenge on earth is the presence of evil, evil attempts in distracting us, pointing to all but Christ; our hearts saturated with anything but the Holy Spirit.

Imagine walking through a crowd of people while trying to follow someone, Christ. As we walk, objects are thrown in our path, at our head, the media praises the throwers. The non-followers are doing everything possible to distract us; they want us to take our eyes off Christ. Politicians and media are screaming, “trust us, we are the caretakers of your health, nutrition and happiness”. We become weak in our walk with the Lord, wondering “is He ever going to stop and give us physical rest and food”. The bible states, God tests our hearts. The temptation increases to turn to the crowd, the media, and politicians, for all we desire. They claim their solutions are greater than Christ’s promises.

Christ gently turns around, softly speaking, “You have the strength, everything you need to follow me you have, trust me. You are capable of more than imaginable, because I am All Powerful, nothing is impossible for the Father.” With our eyes firmly set on Him, our ears hang on every word as we follow.

Suddenly after our legs buckle from fatigue, our stomachs ‘growling’ in hunger; our minds exhausted from the extensive concentration; our entire body aches as though we finished a marathon; we no longer hear the crowds just as a runner in a race becomes deaf to the crowd due to intensive concentration. The prize, the goal we desire appears; we keeping running with our Lord; He smiles as he gives us the desires of our hearts, the equivalent of a steak dinner with all the fixings, saying; “Good run today”. We know the struggle was worth it!

Sadly we look around, many who began the journey with us turned to the crowd, stumbling over the obstacles thrown in their path. They turned their heart to the liberal media and politicians, settling for cotton candy. Yes, cotton candy is tasty and appealing at a carnival; however, the nutritional value is virtually empty; just like the promises of the crowd, the media, and the politicians.

Keep your eyes on the Lord! A great feast is ahead, Christ will feed you; provide your desires before you collapse. Continue to concentrate on following our Lord, yes just as concentrating in a race, in an exam, on a project is fatiguing; so is following our Lord. Both are worth it!

Child of God, Make it a Great Day in Christ, He has given you Eternal Life NOW!!!!

His humble Servant,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Submit your Plans to the Lord

"Submit your plans to the Lord, He will direct your thoughts" Proverbs.
Job loved the Lord with all of his heart, soul and mind.

Job 42:10 "After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord made him prosperous once again and gave him twice as much as he had before."

Job loved his neighbor as much as he loved himself. Job desired as much success for his neighbor as he did for Job and his own family. Job obeyed the two greatest commandments, consequently he was Blessed.

A collaborator was recently requested his employer, a major corporation, as one of five to give a presentations to investment bankers. I offered the following six points as reminders of focal points in the presentation.

  • Submit your plans the Lord
  • Are these plans congruent with His Word, scripture?
  • Do all parties benefit from the information, wisdom, and advice?
  • When the company wins so do the investment bankers and investors; all must act with prudence and diligence.
  • Desire and Pray for the success of ALL involved / influenced with your presentation.

You, when directed by the Holy Spirit, are a World Class, World Renowned Business Executive, Full of the Holy Spirit, Ordained by Christ for this moment in history as a Great World Leader in your business sector and Faith.

This past weekend in St. Louis, I gave a presentation on public speaking to Christian college students. I concluded with reminding them to submit their plans to the Lord in preparation of any speech.

I left them with this inquiry, “Do you know of a better speaker in history, than the Holy Spirit?” The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are and always will be the greatest speaker. Open your heart, mind, and soul to God’s voice.

As you prepare presentations this day whether for a single associate or an arena of fifty thousand, submit your plans to the Lord, He will direct your thoughts. Pray for the success of your friends as fervently as you pray for your own success. Ask our Lord to place the desire for others success in your heart. Job was Blessed, after he finished praying for the success of his friends.

The Lord is pouring His Blessings and Opportunities on you, your friends, and family.

Make it a Great Day in Christ!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Invest in Heaven

30 November 2008

Malachi 3:10 - “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not cast their fruit. Then all the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land”, said The Lord Almighty.

I do not recall the address of, “store your treasures in heaven…”

So many in today’s society are speaking of the significant deflation their investments have taken in the previous few months. Fortunately, every dime invested in tithing (God’s Kingdom) has lost no value; in fact the value continually appreciates regardless of market conditions. This success is true for all who invest in this entity. This entity is in every economic sector, manufacturing, security, consulting, medicine, counseling, pesticides… you name it. Your investments in this entity have also appreciated in value – even in these turbulent times. Why do so few invest a mere 10% in such a sure thing? An investment where the owner dares us to invest, promising us returns beyond our belief, delivering those promises without exception. Perhaps it is because the returns are not readily seen or attainable; or due to lack of understanding and belief in the investment fund.

No government has or will ever be required to bail out this business. Rather this business is the one who funds government, while much of government ridicules this business. Imagine someone ridiculing the investment banker.

If all or even a ¼ or our society invested > 10% of Gross Income in the Triune God our economy would be more solid than imaginable. Rather too many believe it is okay to “Rob God”. We have placed our house, auto, RV, sports, and entertainment payments above God. If making a payment disables the ability to tithe; the item purchased is not from God. God will pay cash for anything HE desires for us to have – product or service. When we keep HIM first in our finances; our finances will be Blessed more than we can store. If tithing equals Blessings; then lack of tithing results in turmoil?

Trust our Hearts, Minds, Souls, and finances to the Lord! The return is greater than imagined.

Make it a Great Day in Christ!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eliminate the early Weeds

"Train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it."

I stood in the corn field observing both the corn and the unsprayed weeds. Spots in the field contained heavy infestations of velvet leaf. This plant's seed is capable of maintaining viability in the soil for over fifty years. The velvet leaf plant is nearly as hard as wood when mature. Even in its infant stages, the corn displayed visible negative effects from the weeds.

During the past fifteen years, I often ponder the yield loss caused by these weeds growing with the young corn. We had no efficient way of measuring these scattered areas of heavy weed infestation.
  • What defines a weed?
  • A weed is simply a plant out of place!
The herbicide produces maximum results when applied within twenty-four hours of planting. However, the farmer's full schedule of planting and tending the livestock, prevented applying the herbicide before rain fell on the newly planted field.

Friday, I attended an agronomy seminar. In the past year, research quantification confirmed our hunches of the effects of small weeds on corn yield. A researcher, I do not recall his name, found that small, hard to see weeds use an average of 1.4 times the amount of nutrients in soil as the corn. These weeds also use three times the amount of soil-water as corn. In other words, these weeds rob soil nutrients and water from the corn thus reducing the yield and profit.

The weeds have an additional detrimental effects on the corn. For example, four or five days after corn emerges, the plants seek optimal photosynthesis. Corn plants physically rotate this one time to optimize their leaf angle and placement to maximize light absorption.

Research demonstrates that when weeds are present during this early stage of corn growth, the corn plant may rotate with its leaves more vertical, less horizontal, with the row. This permanently reduces the plants ability to absorb sunlight. Horizontal placement is optimal.

The corn yields (bushels per acre) are reduced five percent to ten percent from the loss of nutrients, water, and the sunlight effect on this young corn plant from growing weeds. Because these out of place plants' negative impact on the corn, herbicide applied on the field before the weeds emerge prevents the negative impact on the crop from weeds. 

What about you? Does an early morning negative attitude, thoughts out of place in your field of success, reduce your daily yield and productivity five percent to ten percent? Due to relatively new herbicide technology, some farmers now delay the cost, time, and money of eliminating early emerging weeds until about a month after the crop emerges. Unfortunately, a yield loss has already occurred!

  • Do you avoid purifying your mind each morning due to the cost of time? Afterall, you will get "pumped up" later in the day.
  • Is a five to ten percent increase in productivity worth arising an extra fifteen or thirty minutes earlier to spend time in the Word of God, the Bible?
  • This eliminates the emergence of early weeds, negative thoughts, and assures optimizing your alignment to maximize absorption of His light.

Just as corn plants determine their yield affecting position soon after emerging, our positioning with God early in the day affects our yield in serving Him. Even though we can change our attitude, we have already suffered a loss in productivity.

We are all children of God, continually growing in our Relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • How are we training our mind early each day?
  • Are we eliminating thoughts incongruent with scripture before they emerge each day?
Herbicides and Negativecides both require investments of our time and energy. The time in scripture, prayer, joy, and optimism at the beginning of each day and challenge will enhance your daily yields.

Are you positioning your hearts to maximize absorption the Light of World, Jesus Christ?

Make it a Great Day in Christ!
Rick E. Meyer

Ask for Wisdom

16 November 2008

Why should we pray for Wisdom? The bible states, God blessed Solomon with Wisdom, because Solomon only requested Wisdom from God. Intellectually we know this. Do you, like me, struggle to grasp why Solomon omitted praying for possessions - with the proper heart / grateful mindset.

The bible says Wisdom was present before and during creation.

Wisdom is the Substance of All existence, of All Creation; Wisdom gives Knowledge and Understanding. These allow us to know anatomy and physiology of all creation. Wisdom dwells with Prudence (Prov 8:12). Understanding is more valuable than silver. How many of us will flock to Silver and Gold yet view understanding with complacency? I have been guilty.

Equations, whether mathematical, financial, chemical, statistical, physics or any other discipline; involve symbols representing multiple in-depth calculations. Each of these calculations are unseen, simply represented with something such as E. A symbol in soil conservation equations may represent nearly a dozen calculations.

Wisdom represents prudence, diligence, understanding, and knowledge, seeking and submitting to the Holy Spirit. Wisdom knows what, when, where, why, how to do anything and with whom to associate. When we possess Wisdom in one micro discipline, compared to God's Wisdom of everything; we achieve success beyond our imagination. Wisdom knows to remain focused, narrow minded, on Christ. Solomon fell when he took his eyes off the Lord God.

Praying for a specific item is like praying for a beautiful home. We thoroughly enjoy it for quite awhile. Wisdom is finding and manufacturing the materials, how and where to build and maintain the house.

Anything less than Wisdom, may be a terrific blessing, but we shortchange ourselves with our limited vision, our very lack of Wisdom. God openly states He gives to whoever asks, He pleads us to request, and accept Wisdom.

Wisdom created the world and all existence! Wisdom creates all God intends for you, and any who seek.

With Wisdom, what creations will originate in your life: family, financial, spiritual, recreational, relational, and professional?

Wisdom is seeing molecularly! Wisdom is understanding molecular structure and interactions. This may be science or communication. "What effect will altering my voice tonality have on making this sale?" - tangible or intangible. The sale may be someone accepting your ideas, such as an expansion proposal. Just as all wisdom comes from God, we pray expecting wisdom, He often gives to us through our subconscious without us knowing we received a gift. This is another good reason to continually thank and praise Him for Wisdom once we ask.

Wisdom is seeing beyond the surface, in-between the molecular bonds.

Pray for WISDOM!!!!

With Wisdom, Make it a Great Day In Christ,
Rick E. Meyer

Friday, January 9, 2009

With Wisdom

22 November 2009

"With Wisdom God created the heavens and earth” This is the Aramaic translation. Be'reasheet = "in the beginning of".

The earth is composed entirely of wisdom. Wisdom is the substrate of energy and matter, as discussed in one of my favorite books, "The Hidden Face of God" by Gerald L. Schroeder.

Wisdom has been with God from the beginning, as outlined in Proverbs as well as Genesis. The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom enabling us to create and understand. Wisdom is x-ray vision of creation, or at least a small portion in the area allotted by God to each person. You have and will receive wisdom, as you study your life’s disciplines, this includes business, family, friendships, finances, recreation, or any other endeavor you embark upon.

Wisdom is pure clarity! Relax in the Lord, claim, and thank Him for His wisdom. Allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you. Offer each of life’s questions up to the Lord; regardless whether the challenge is small or large; personal or professional.

You, with the Holy Spirit’s Wisdom, are mastering Life’s exam!

Make it a Great Day in Christ,
Rick E. Meyer
Success is achieving God's Will for our Lives - Endlessly seeking Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding! ~ Rick E. Meyer

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seek Wisdom

Proverbs 16:16 - "How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!" (NIV)

The world says chase and attain silver and gold. Proverbs 17:18 - "Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?" (NIV)

Are you continually attaining wisdom?

Silver and Gold buy fish, however wisdom gives us the knowledge, understanding, and ability to make a fishing pole, string, hook, find and use the right bait, where and when to throw the line into the water, when to 'hook' the fish, how to clean and cook the fish, to ask for God's Blessing on the fish before consuming. Wisdom allows us to attain the proper cooking & eating utensils to consume the fish.

The Lord says HE freely gives Wisdom to any who asks of HIM. Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich", studied the great minds of his time for 20 years. He lived on the bare necessities before becoming a multi-millionaire.

Let us seek God's Wisdom as a drowning man, or woman, seeks a breath of air. The abundant life mandates wisdom. Godly Wisdom is the only true Wisdom. Let us allow God to pour His wisdom on us in every aspect of our lives. This includes Wisdom in our relationships, business, and personal. Let God's Will open every door He knows to be open for you; closing & locking every door, you should avoid.

Seek wisdom in finding and making fishing gear, bait, technique, and where the fish are biting. Your Godly desires will always be Filled!

With Wisdom, Make this a Great a Day in Christ!

Success is pursuing God's Will for your life, endlessly seeking the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding necessary for attainment! ~ Rick E. Meyer

Rick E. Meyer

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cheerful Heart

Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Otto James Frederick Meyer lived a life nearly absent sickness. His second youngest son, Delmer, recalls my grandfather’s first illness as the stroke he suffered at the age of seventy-one (71). Through Otto’s sixty-fifth birthday, Delmer says, “I nearly had to run to keep up with his walk”.

Otto’s smile was nearly permanent! However, when his two or three year old grandson, yours truly, locked him in the barn’s feed room with no alternate exit; Otto’s smile was absent. His cheerful voice quickly dissipated; as I was unable unhook that which I had hooked on the barn door. Otto, along with his wife Ida, raised six children on this farm; I was the first to lock him in the barn. His beaming smile returned as my father opened the door to the outdoors, releasing him from the barn’s bondage.

Otto frequently whistled while he worked. He whistled or sang on the tractor, tapping his toe on the accelerator to the beat of his favorite church hymns. Delmer says the tractor engine’s fluctuating response to Otto’s toe tapping could be heard a half mile away as he drove along the North Fork of the Solomon River.

How true it is when we feel good, we feel good. I frequently invite audiences on cerebral explorations; including the inquisition, “Is it possible to smile and attain negative emotions?” Smiling and anger are polar opposite. Smiling opens our neuron receptors to the chemicals of joy, blocking the anger chemicals. This produces a chain reaction throughout our body; relaxed muscles are normally healthy muscles.

Our crushed spirit generates negative chain chemical reactions resulting in ill effects on our bodies. Seldom do pessimists escape illness.

These are very simplified explanations.

What causes our hearts to be cheerful? The presence of the Holy Spirit does. Focusing on the desires of Christ creates immense cheer. The cheerful feeling is the overall prevailing feeling; life’s challenges remain. You may have a child or grandchild lock you in a room! Christ sweat blood as He pondered the crucifixion. However, Christ kept his eyes on the Father's Will and love for us!

Otto James Frederick Meyer suffered paralysis from the stroke in excess of four (4) years. Pictures reveal his smiling, cheerful heart remained. The last few weeks of 1975, his smile lessened. As I viewed Otto James Frederick Meyer in the casket following his death at approximately 2:03 am on January 3, 1976 his smile beamed ear to ear. His beaming smile returned as our Heavenly Father opened the door to heaven, releasing him from life’s bondage. A cheerful heart is good medicine!

Make it a Great Day in Christ!
Rick E. Meyer

Power of our Speech

28 November 2008

Proverbs 12:14
“From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands reward him.”

One October day while walking down my high school's ‘C’ hall, a classmate inquired if our cross country team planned to repeat as State Champions. I believed we would succeed in defending the title, however I chose to appear humble, “We are going to try”.

Suddenly, someone's hand slapped across my face, injuring only my ego. My teammate Dan intensely countered, "We are going to win!"

Dan knew the power of the spoken word.

Our brains light up under laboratory imagery while speaking, . Our voices sound differently to us than others, hearing 50% through our ears and 50% absorbed through our jawbone. Conversely, we hear one another 100% through the ears. The vibrations from the jawbone assist in permanently recording our spoken words into our brain.

James 1:6-8 warns of being double-minded, asking yet doubting. When we speak with belief, in faith, our performances are congruent with our words. The scripture from Proverbs is not a free pass of speaking something into existence without effort. Rather when we speak in faith, true faith and belief are the same; our actions - the work of our hands, legs and mind - are congruent. We work to achieve our professing.

If we speak in emptiness, hoping yet not believing, we are double-minded. God says without faith, it is impossible to please Him. Double-mindedness is a torturous state. The torture originates from speaking what we know should be true, yet allowing the permeation of doubt; disengaging action. This is similar to revving up an automobile’s engine with the transmission in neutral. Are we truly eager to arrive at a favorite destination? Our doubt of the journey, our inability to know every detail, prevents us from engaging the transmission.

Imagine your neighbor asking why you sit in your car revving up the engine for hours, yet not going anywhere. Imagine their expression if you were to say, "I really want to go to my favorite destination, but I have left the car in neutral because I am unsure what awaits seventeen (17) miles down the road". Our neighbors would question our sanity.

Be thankful for friends whom slap us verbally, when we speak a message of doubt, of double-mindedness.

God says, start your car, speak the words, and engage the transmission, proceeding with prudence and diligence. Permanently record the message of belief on your brain through your jawbone with spoken beliefs. Perform the work, trusting in the Creator of the Universe, the Savior of the World. The fruit of our words, the journey of our drive; will be filled with good things.

Make it a Great Day in Christ!!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Responding to Rebuke

Proverbs 1:23 - If you had responded to my rebuke, I would have poured out my heart to you and made my thoughts known to you.

A ritual on the bus ride returning from a cross country meet, even the following practice, our high school team discussed our race. I was full of questions, probably nearing the edge of annoyance. We conversed about our individual races, how we felt, where we made a move, or failed to make a move, where we may have allowed one of our teammate(s) to pull away from us. Additionally we evaluated how we felt physically, and how we responded to fatigue at various points in the race. We learned from one another. Occasionally we and / or our coach would rebuke our willingness to fully exert ourselves on that particular day.

The group of guys on our championship teams always responded to rebuke. One runner, Mike, chose to eat honey at the starting line of the Regional meet, the State qualifying race. Dr. Schneider DVM, explained the science behind Mike's poor race, he ran very well for the first half mile. Mike's adrenaline was consumed following the first 880 yards. We rebuked Mike's poor choice of sugar overload at the starting line. I never saw Mike eat honey before a race again.

When we responded to the rebuke of our teammates and coaches, they shared additional wisdom for improvement. A few (not many) of those on the JV, "C' teams, and on down failed to accept rebuke; consequently they did not receive the tips and advice of the more experienced varsity runners.

Who wants to share ideas with someone who believes they know everything, who fail to respond to rebuke?

One of the advantages of having little talent as did I, is the necessity of getting as much advice from those more successful as possible. I constantly sought the thoughts of those who were more knowledgeable than I was.

Proverbs tells us this is a Godly behavior. God says when we respond to His rebuke, he will pour out His heart and thoughts to us. Would you agree God is smarter than we are? His thoughts assure success in any endeavor. Having God's heart poured out to us is a major advantage regardless of our profession.

We must respond to God's rebuke! When our thoughts and actions contradict anything in scripture, God's Word; we are to hear the rebuke, correcting our ways. This is often difficult, sin is pleasurable, and our minds easily justify our wrong behavior.

Do you believe the spiritual, intellectual, and physical effort is worth having God's thoughts and heart poured out to you?

Make it a Great Day in Christ!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Patience & Understanding

Proverbs 14:29 - A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered displays folly.

Most of us have heard the old joke, “Lord, give me patience – NOW!”

How do we attain patience?

Why do I occasionally become impatient? My thought process is limited to one or two dimensions. For instance, if I become impatient while waiting for someone, possibly I believe the person I am waiting on does not care enough to be on time. In fact, many realities are possible.

Did they accidentally oversleep? Did someone phone them just before leaving? Was their vehicle slow in starting? Did someone request a project from him or her at the last minute; did they have to make an expected stop? Is traffic moving much slower than normal? Did their previous appointment fit in an extra client to expedite repaying a debt?

Understanding is increasing the knowledge of possible scenarios? Understanding allows patience, allowing us to see beyond our own situation.

One person may attain a job because the previous person accepted another position. Their departure creates a void; another person’s misfortune may create a need. That void and the need may be matches. Yet, few take time to observe and recognize God's hand in this work. One is in shock and crying out to the Lord for an income earning opportunity, while another may be considering and accepting an advancement offer.

I once traveled from Chicago to Manhattan. When I reached Des Moines that March night, rain began fall. Fortunately the temperature remained above freezing. Driving toward Kansas City on I-35, my vehicle believed the speed limit was the lower limit; believing obedience to the law meant staying on the upper side of the speed limit. I was running a 10K race the next morning in Aggieville. Suddenly, in both lanes were semi trucks; breaking the speed limit - they were going under the posted limit. I have not yet convinced a patrolmen of this speed limit view. I was upset at these truck drivers, "Why don't you get out of my way, so I can speed around you?" Within a mile, we passed a couple patrolmen on the prowl for speeders.

I quickly thanked the truck drivers and the good Lord for slowing me down. I escaped receiving a ticket. Was this intentional on the truck drivers behalf? I believe it was, although I will never know for certain. However, I do believe God provided an educational opportunity for me on patience and trusting Him. I was spared what most likely would have been a sizeable ticket. I no longer exceed the speed limit more than 5 MPH; as I have been spared a ticket more times than I deserve. Understanding enhances my patience!

Greater Understanding of how God works in our lives enhances our patience in all of life's endeavors.

What job or business opportunities is Christ creating while you cry aloud to Him?

Understanding provides patience, understanding our Lord hears and answers your prayers.

When you desire patience, request greater understanding.

Make it a Great Day in Christ!


Proverbs 12:27 - The Lazy man does not roast his game, but the diligent man prizes his possessions.

What is game in this context? A man's game is his food, his sustenance, his strength, his compensation, and his award of a successful hunt, his ability to care for his family. Before we roast game, we have to "gut it"; this may seem grotesque. We remove the waste products of the game, we then skin the game if it is an animal, - often skins were transformed into clothing - AFTER they were properly cured with various salt formulations. Finally, the remaining 'good stuff', the meat provided food.

Before eating game, the meat is roasted. What happens when game, or meat, is roasted? Often added are spices and herbs for additional flavor. The application of heat kills any bacteria. Bacteria can cause illness or death. Roasting requires TIME, time for the heat to kill the harmful bacteria, time for the herbs and spices to permeate the game. Roasting, giving the proper time, transforms ordinary game into an exquisite entree, a prized possession. Proper game preparation and Roasting requires diligence.

A lazy man may fail to properly clean his game, removing the waste material, he may fail to properly skin or cure the skin for optimal clothing or blankets. A lazy man, according to the bible, fails to kill the harmful 'critters' on the game, fails to include the herbs and spices for optimal palatability, a lazy man fails to allow adequate time for Roasting to create the exquisite entree.

A Diligent man prizes his possessions, his game, and gifts from God. A Diligent man (or woman) properly evaluates, cleans, purges, and prepares their possessions, gifts from God; for optimal use. Our game, or possession, may be a pheasant or deer.

However, our possessions, our game, are also our talents, our education, our intellect, our spirituality, our relationships, and our finances. What other things might our 'game' be? Are we tempted to dig right in and consume our game immediately upon possession? Is this tempting? Are we diligent? Are we patient in optimizing our game, our possessions, do we properly cure them for enduring use - as the hunter does with skins? Do we have the diligence to add the herbs and spices of our talents, intellect, and spirituality to our possessions? Do we have the diligence to apply adequate fire, purifying our possessions, ridding them of anything that may injure or kill our soul? Do we have the diligence and patience to allow the necessary transpiring of time for permeation of the herbs and spices into our entree, as well as adequate time for heat to kill the evil?

Ashamedly, my anxiousness places me with more in common with the lazy than the diligent. However, when I apply diligence, I have been fortunate to compete with the world's best. Why do I fail to apply this to everything, every game, every possession in my life? Because my sinful nature; if undisciplined; seeks laziness.

How exquisite of an entree is God Roasting this very moment in YOU? Are you willing to be diligent as the fire burns the impurities, as the herbs and spices, your talents, intellect, and spirituality; permeate your game, your possessions? One of the most difficult things for me to withstand is being hungry, smelling a perfectly preparing dish in the oven. I can smell it, I am starving, I want it now! My mother would say, "Not yet, it has to finish cooking (Roasting)". If I would eat too soon, I would become sick and lessened a terrific dish. "How much longer?" Mom assured me, “It is almost done”; my grandmother (when she was there) would give me a piece of bread and butter to hold me over until the "game" had finished roasting.

You may be tired of bread and butter; your awesome entree is nearly finished roasting. You can smell it, you are starving, "Not yet, it has to finish cooking". You are about to dine with a life's meal our Lord is preparing just for YOU!

Make it a Great Day in Christ!


Proverbs 1:32-33 For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them; but whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without the fear of harm.

Wayward - "difficult to control because of unpredictable behavior."
Origin "Shortening of former awayward 'turned away'.

Complacent - "Satisfied with oneself in a smug or uncritical way"
Origin - Latin complacere 'to please'

Complasiant - "Willing to please"

(Source is the Oxford English dictionary)

In the two years as an athlete, winning two state championships, for coach Bill "Congo" Congleton in Manhattan, KS, I observed him raising his voice in disgust just twice. Both resulted from our team's complacency. We began believing someone else on the team would get the job done. We were the defending state champions in the fall of 1984, six of the seven varsity runners returned from the previous season.

In the middle of the season we ran against Topeka West, the third place team in 1983 and eventual state runner-up in 1984. The Chargers of Topeka West, running in their traditional purple uniforms defeated us badly on that Thursday afternoon in late September at Milford Lake (off to the side, not on the water), north of Junction City, KS. Despite our behinds being thoroughly kicked, we walked around after the awards ceremony in our baby blue tops and powder pink shorts chanting "Once more in '84'. We already had the mantra for the upcoming championship.

Congo's disgust derived as our predictable drive to run all out, pushing ourselves to our physical and mental limits had dissipated. We were beginning to adopt an unpredictable behavior, waywardness, of running hard, yet lacking our full potential. Despite our defeat we were uncritical of ourselves believing we would automatically win the championship in November. We began having hints of belief that our school's name and uniform would assure victory.

He then called the six of us onto the bus giving us a lecture that will forever linger in my mind. Congo instructed us to never become satisfied, complacent. He reminded us that a champion drives themselves to the limit everyday. He was not upset at our loss of a meet, rather our loss of an attitude. We were no longer running with our "RPM's" (think engines) maximized. Congo said being state runner-up our Sr.year would appear successful to outsiders. He then stated, "But you will know the difference. You will look back in 6 months, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, 50 years and know you settled for less than your best. Will you be able to live with the knowledge of complacency?"

We drove through Ft. Riley returning to Manhattan High School. The roads are named after some of the great battles and Generals of the Big Red One, the Army's 1st Infantry Division. These served as reminders that Freedom is opposite Complacency. The Big Red One did not accept complacency when they made their amphibious landings during World War II at North Africa, Sicily, or Omaha Beach on portions called Easy Red and Fox Green. Complacency was not an option in the Hurtgen Forest or in the Battle of the Bulge. Complacency of a prayer life was non-existent, at least among those whom I have interviewed. Prayer was constantly intense.

Americans are continually fighting for Freedom, individually and collectively. Too many believe our greatness rests with our name and uniform. Conversely, America's name and uniform are great because of the men and women who have worn them and served this great Nation since its inception. America is great because of constant intense prayer, calling on our Lord Jesus Christ for His strength and guidance; followed by action. Whether running a foot race or Freedom race, complacency assures defeat.

Our 1984 team returned to praying and listening to our Lord, praying fervently; obedient to our coach's demands. Each of us maximized our efforts in faith. We won the championship, earning national honors by God's grace.

As Americans, we too must 'lay it on the line' everyday in both prayer and action. Listening to our Lord. Championships in cross country and Freedom must be won with an effort beyond the belief of the possible; an effort of Faith.

Faith or Complacency - The choice is ours!

Make it a Great Day in Christ!

How well do we Respond in 2009

2009 has arrived!

Have you evaluated 2008, determining those things you plan to repeat as well as those actions and decisions that are learning experiences?

Have you set goals and / or made New Years resolutions for 2009?

Have you ever felt as is someone "rained on your parade", attempting to pour water on your 'fire of desire', your passions? How do you respond? We often become aggravated, seeking a reason for this insanity.

In Kings 18 Elijah wanted the people to know God. Elijah was the only prophet of the Lord left; while Baal had 450 prophets. Elijah stated they would get two bulls, cutting them in pieces; then calling on the name of their god and Elijah calling on the name of the Lord. The god who answers by fire, is God.

Baal's prophets called repeatedly on their god, yet no fire came.

Elijah repaired the ruined alter of the Lord; taking twelve (12) stones for each of the tribes of Israel. He used the stones to build an alter in the name of the Lord. He dug a trench around the alter, believed to hold thirteen (13) quarts of seed. After arranging the wood, he placed the pieces of bull onto the wood He then had them dump twelve (12) large jars, 4 jars 3X, on the offering and wood. These became saturated, and the trench full of water. I have not used this approach when lightning a camp fire in the woods.

Elijah then asked God to reveal Himself so that all may know God is God; and that Elijah was obeying God's command. Elijah submitted his plans to the Lord. The Lord then consumed the saturated, drenched, offering, wood, stones, soil and water in fire.

All those who saw this fell down proclaiming the Lord is God. They believed because the fire of the Lord consumed all that had been saturated with water.

As 2009 progresses, our goals and resolutions may become saturated with water, losing the excitement that we have for each of them in the beginning of the year. The watering down, the "raining on our parade"; may come from negative, doubtful people we encounter during the year; the watering may come from those closest to us who are concerned of our disappointment as we set high expectations. Elijah certainly had high expectations. The watering down may come from our mind, as self doubt creeps in. In races, including the race of life, the beginning is filled with excitement; then along comes fatigue.

How will we respond? Will we consider the Lord has commanded water to be poured on our circumstances in order He may be glorified and known by unbelievers? Will we follow in Elijah's footsteps? Elijah repaired the ruined alter of the Lord. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Do our beliefs and actions need repairing; a realignment with scripture? Will we ask the Lord that the fire in us reveal Him, and our obedience to Him?

Will we submit our plans to the Lord?

When we offer our dreams, goals, and resolutions to the Lord; the fire of the Holy Spirit will descend on us. God will consume them, claiming them as His own. Those seeing the water saturated goals consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit will worship Him.

As 2009 progresses, your goals, dreams, and resolutions will become watered down, rained on from time to time. Remain faithful and thankful, repair your alignment with scripture, offer your efforts and achievements to the Lord for His benefit. Be ready, you will then be consumed with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Make it a Great 2009 in Christ!