Friday, May 28, 2010

Evaluation Ratings

Does a Christ-like person receive high ratings from the world?

We all receive valuations and ratings; directly or indirectly. How are you evaluated? Evaluations are in various formats, a direct superior, Board of Directors, seminar attendees; or our friends and peers. Would you agree most of us desire ’10s’ or the highest rating possible? I certainly do! At least I thought I did; until deeply pondering evaluations.

Does Christ receive high ratings from everyone? Is crucifixion on a Cross considered a ‘10’? No! Judas, one of twelve on his Board of Directors, betrayed him. Jesus receives his share of “Excellent” markings; however those who give him “Excellent” one day, are critics the next. “Where are you? Why did you allow this to happen…?” Granted most followers eventually recognize our lack of wisdom in questioning Christ. His harsh critics continually look for wrong in all he says and does.

You may cite Apostle Paul’s statement of being all things to all people as meaning we should get along, and receive high ratings from everyone. Yet Paul spent much time in prison; placed there by his critics. A critic beheaded John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ. Hardly scoring a ‘10’! Scripture tells of other followers being tortured, including sawed in two! Ouch!!!

Considering Christ and his Biblical followers received very poor ratings, can we expect anything different walking in Christ’s footsteps? Should we take heart to critics when we fail to walk with Christ? Absolutely! Since the beginning of time, some will criticize Christians simply because they are Christians. In fact, if we are continually receiving “Excellent” from everyone; we are most likely failing to live a Christ-like life.

A life filled with honesty, sincerity, forgiveness, desiring success for others, seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding; acknowledging scripture as the pure Word of God; will bring critics out of the woodwork. Why? In John 15, Christ tells us that the world hated him before they hated us. The critics are rebuking Christ who lives and reigns in our hearts.

In the seminar room, some say it is better to make up an answer than admitting ignorance. If our goal is only receiving high ratings from attendees; this is a good idea. However, when our goal is hearing, “Well done thy good and faithful servant;” lying in any form is foolish.

Walking with Christ, living Christ-like to the best of our human ability, will result in less favorable, short term ratings from man. Those who also strive to live Christ-like will rate you highly and God will bless your life in all aspects long term! Why must we suffer? Jesus Christ desires our love, including our obedience him and the Father. The Bible states the Lord tests our hearts. Challenges provide the exams!

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A few weeks ago I was conducting seminars on Michigan Avenues’ Magnificent Mile in Chicago. Fortunately, my Garmin GPS directed me to the hotel. Without the GPS I would have had difficulty in finding this hotel.

Have you asked for directions, only to have someone reply; “….don’t worry, you can’t miss it.” Whenever hearing this response, I instantly think, “…this will be challenging to find.”

How many times do we drive right by the place? Finding precise locations is difficult while traveling in heavy traffic or other distractions; including the ability to easily turn around. I am thankful for my GPS, wondering how I successfully traveled without one.

Two years ago, I attended a friend’s twenty year class reunion in Omaha. The venue was in a safe area; however the adjacent areas were less than ideal in the safety ratings. We just wanted to find the place, park and get inside; our comfort level decreased traveling through the areas of high crime. Fortunately, we arrived safely.

Other searches for physical landmarks have been challenging at times; because you may be at the location but its appearance from your angle is incongruent with your expectations. Have you, like me, had those instances where you finally gave in and asked for directions only to find out you drove by the destination three times?

Finding physical locales with maps and directions can be challenging at times. Having a guide or GPS, who knows the area, the ‘lay of the land,’ is imperative to efficiently finding a destination. If we have challenges in finding physical locations on earth on our own; how do we expect to find Heaven on our own?

Logistically speaking: How can anyone enter a place they cannot find? Our inability to enter Heaven on our own includes our inability to literally find Heaven.

As a three or four year old boy on the farm, I was lost in our wooded shelterbelt. Finally, my dog Sam “showed me the door.” The door happened to be an old two seat Out House that was used when my dad was growing up. Upon finding the Out House, led to by my dog Sam, I followed the trail to our house. The entire time I was lost, the house was within a hundred yards; yet due to the trees I was unable to find my way home. Thank you Sam for showing me the door!

Who is our “Sam” in finding the door to Heaven? Jesus Christ is The Way, The Life, and The Truth. No one comes to the Father but by Him. Why, because we are unable to literally find Heaven on our own. We must confess we need Jesus to carry us to and in Heaven. We achieve this by confessing and repenting of our sin, selfishness. Pride is the foundation of most, possibly all, sin. We must humble ourselves admitting we need Jesus for forgiveness of our sins, holding our hand, leading us to Heaven.

Perhaps you remain unconvinced of your need for Christ, and his role in your Salvation.

Consider this: At your death; all roads lead to Hell except one. Demons strongly desire to carry your soul to Hell. Only one can prevent these demons from touching and leading your soul; he is Jesus Christ. Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Does your soul acknowledge and cry out to Christ’s redemptive hand? Perhaps you are unconvinced of demons. Do you really believe you can find, much less enter, Heaven on your own?

Imagine that your soul is now left your perished body. Where will your soul go? In the immense Galaxy, are you going to have better luck finding Heaven than you do a physical locale on earth? Will you be able to turn around if you go too far? Will you be immediately outside the gates, yet unaware of your close proximity? Perhaps your soul does find Heaven, are you just going to sneak in? Why should you be allowed to enter on your own merits? Are your human merits really worthy of entering God’s Kingdom?

Open the door of your heart and soul; grasp the hand of our Savior, Jesus Christ for Salvation. Upon confessing and repenting, your sins are eternally forgiven; Jesus will grasp your hand at physical death, leading your soul directly to and through the gates of Heaven into the Father’s eternal presence.

Do you really believe you will find Heaven on your own following physical death? Yeah, I know – “Don’t worry, you can’t miss it.” Who will show you the door?

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!
Rick E. Meyer

Rick is an Award Winning Speaker.