Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Greatest Love

Rick E. Meyer

Memorial Day
American Legion
Leigh, Nebraska
May 30, 2005
Members of the American Legion and members of the greater Leigh community, welcome. Memorial Day is a day in which we gather to pay tribute to those veterans who are no longer with us, and to honor those who are. I am honored and privileged   to stand before you today, you the true heroes - the creators of modem history.

I did not enjoy studying history in school, however historians inform us that history tends to repeat itself; there is much of history we hope is never repeated. 

However, there are pieces of history that should be repeated continually; ... America can and should  learn  a vast array about human performance from you, the Veterans of the United States Armed Services.

The Bible instructs us in John 15:12-13, we are to love others as Christ loves us; Christ says the Greatest love a person can display is laying down one's life for friends as Jesus did for us.  Jesus says "you are my friend if you do what I command". You, the Veterans, answered Christ's command, as every person who serves in defending our great nation is laying down their life for their Friends,   their fellow Americans and mankind around the globe.

My fellow Americans, each of these Veterans has laid down their life for Freedom & Liberation,   Freedom for America and all of the Free World. You have displayed the Greatest Love.

Yes, you who were blessed with life after the last shot in the last battle of the war you fought or served in; laid down your life.  Did you not give up months and years of your lives to serve?   Flint Whitlock in his recent book "The Fighting First"; tells the story of the Big Red One from Omaha Beach, to the hedge rows, Battle Aachen, the Hurtgen Forest to the Battle of the Bulge, states that over 60 years later the surviving veterans still have nightmares from battle.  

Perhaps some, if not all of you, still have nightmares from battle. The fact of memories lingering forever in your mind, whether from 60+ years or less than a month ago; are further evidence of laying down your life for mankind.

Naturally, some have or still do wonder why you survived while others did not.   The only answer I have  is that each day anyone awakens, regardless of age or state of health, God is saying "I have plans for you - today".  God has led his people into battle and victory, since nearly the beginning of time.

We are in constant pursuit of World Peace, which is World Hope. The Biblical definition for Peace is not the absence of negative, rather the presence of positive, the presence of HOPE. One of the names of Jesus is Prince of Peace; Jesus continues to bring hope despite the continual presence of evil.

While implementing the Greatest Love and spreading World Peace and World Hope, you have taught us priceless other lessons such as:
  1. Listen to God
  2. Power of Mind w/ Faith
  3. Word is your Worth
  4. Integrity Always
  5. Avoid Paralysis of Analysis
  6. Fall backwards: Faith & Thankfulness
  7. Avoid Complacency
  8. Liberation & Freedom
  9. Chaplain John Burkhalter of Big Red One on Omaha Beach  ". ...Everything was to their advantage and to our disadvantage,   except for one thing:   the righteous cause for which we are fighting  - Liberation and Freedom. .." Fellow Americans, we must remember we fight for Liberation and Freedom everyday. We are only 6" from Liberation and Freedom, when we choose to live virtuously, living out the lessons you taught us; placing our Faith - Hope and Trust in Jesus Christ. Choices of thought we make daily in our lives. When we fight for this or any righteous cause nothing can stop us!

The men and women who have and are fighting and serving this great Nation deserve Americans to strive for more virtuous lives. The men and women who fought and served in North Africa, Italy, France and all of Europe, Pearl Harbor, Philippines, Japan, Mountains of Korea, Jungles of Vietnam, and the Sands of the Middle East; fought and served in order that we may Live, Live a life of Liberation and Freedom.

In Conclusion:

1.     America must readopt your lessons of World Champion Performances of 

2.     Listen to God

3.     Power of our Mind & Faith

4.     Word is our Worth

5.     Fall Backwards

6.     Avoid Paralysis of Analysis 

7.     Non­ Complacent in Fighting

8.     Liberation  and Freedom

However, most importantly, you have taught us that Life owes us absolutely nothing, ......... while we owe Life every ounce of energy we possess; expending that energy in answering - in responding, to the commands of Christ.

We will follow your example of laying down our life for our fellow man, loving others as our Lord loves us - you, the Veterans of the Undefeated World Champion  United States Armed Forces, exemplify The Greatest Love.

Mr. Commander.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tangent Activities

(Originally written in 1997)
What is the shortest distance between two points? A straight line!

I did not excel in Geometry and Trigonometry in school, however this aforementioned principle has remained with me. The understanding of this principle has proven invaluable in each of the 400 to 500 cross country and road races that I have competed in.

Courses often curve, following the roads on which they are marked, especially in marathons. If you follow the center of the road while running, it can an add hundreds of yards to the length of the race. I am amazed that many of the best marathoners in the world follow the yellow line, the center of the road, versus running the tangent (the shortest distance between two points). Thereby expending excess time and energy, two vital components of your life. I have outperformed some of the world's top marathoners, who far surpassed my talent level, by running the tangents while they were following the yellow lines. I chose "Tangent Activities".

Running the tangent requires knowing your goals and objectives while looking ahead to the next turn. As we begin our race for achievements in 2012, we must be looking ahead to our desired goals and objectives, in the six main areas of our life:

1.     Spiritual

2.     Financial

3.     Professional

4.     Educational

5.     Recreational

a.      Emotional well-being

b.     Physical well-being

6.     Interpersonal Relationships

Any thought or activity that does not correlate with our stated goals and objectives is "running on the yellow line" instead of the "running the tangent". We must inquire if the thoughts occupying our minds, the words spoken from our mouths and the activities capturing our time are goal achieving? Everything we do and say begins as a thought! If our thoughts are not goal achieving we must change our thoughts, or reevaluate our goals.

For example "Does watching this T.V. program or possessing this thought assist in achieving my goals (recreational, spiritual, professional, educational, recreational or any other desired achievement)?" If you answer anything less than "YES!"
- Do not watch the program or allow the thought to linger in your mind.

Choose "Tangent Activities" creating a straight line from one desired objective to the next. By "running the tangents" in life you will achieve your desired goals and objectives; producing World Class results.

Congratulations on Choosing "Tangent Activities" in 2012!
See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fitness Benefits for Cancer Patients

Fitness Benefits for Cancer Patients
by David Haas (Guest Writer)

Fitness is increasingly been seen to have life-changing effects for cancer patients, whether they have just been diagnosed, are undergoing treatment, or are in remission. Physical fitness and healthy diets are potent weapons for cancer patients to use in their fight against this disease. Recent research has even prompted the American Cancer Society to issue new guidelines recommending exercise for cancer survivors.

One way that cancer patients can benefit from regular exercise is through its effects on their immune systems. Exercise makes the immune system more effective, partly by increasing the flow of the lymph system. The lymph system is helpful in carrying toxic materials out of the body, but it cannot move on its own like the bloodstream does. Instead, it moves when the body moves it. This can allow the body to detoxify and support the immune system.

Exercise also increases the activity of immune system components like natural killer T-cells. These important cells roam the body, looking for pathogens to kill. If they are able to identify cancer cells, they can kill these as well. Exercise helps increase both the number and activity of these immune system cells.

Another benefit of exercise is that is will raise your energy levels, even for patients undergoing mesothelioma treatment. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can leave cancer patients feeling drained and fatigued. The fatigue can even last deep into the day. Instead of feeling tired only when asleep, the fatigue is spread out throughout the day, preventing you from getting your daily tasks done.

Exercise raises your metabolic rate and gives you more energy. This will help keep you awake and alert throughout the day, and help you sleep longer and deeper at night. It is the deep stages of sleep that are associated with the greatest degree of healing. Your body will need to recover from the effects of both the cancer and treatment, so proper rest is critically important to your full recovery.

Exercise can have psychological benefits as well as physical ones. Research has shown that regular exercise increases the neurotransmitters in your brain, like serotonin and dopamine. These important chemicals can be depleted in many cancer patients, but exercise helps restore them.

Serotonin and dopamine are produced by your brain to foster communication between brain cells. Dopamine also helps your brain execute motor skills and governs concentration and mood. Serotonin is used by your brain to regulate mood, body temperature, and appetite. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression. Dr. Simon Young, in the Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, showed that physical exercise increases the building blocks for serotonin in the body.

Anxiety and stress are typical complaints of cancer patients. Having to undergo rigorous testing and treatment often leaves them feeling tired and irritable. Exercise fights stress and anxiety through the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Endorphins provide pain relief to the body and reduce stress and anxiety. The effects last for hours after your exercise is over.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

If Winning Were Easy... Referral

Jasmine Schmidt                                              May 7, 2012
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Maryville University
650 Maryville University Dr.
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to highly recommend keynote speaker, Rick E. Meyer. Currently, I am a student at Maryville University of Saint Louis, Missouri. Here, I serve as president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Our organization is young and our campus is growing rapidly in the athletics.

While considering this, my team was praying for opportunities for campus outreach and Rick immediately came to mind. Two years ago, I met Rick as I was flying home from college. He struck up a conversation when he noticed that I was wearing a track jacket and being a runner himself, he wanted to ask about my team.

From this short meeting before our flights, I was inspired by how Rick relates to people. It is clear that his heart burns for Christ. From our short chat, I learned that he is a keynote speaker, who gives special focus on the competitive spirit and how we must fix our eyes on Christ to truly live.

This past March, my university hosted Rick to speak for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Our theme for our meeting discussed what it truly means to succeed. Rick presented his speech ‘If Winning Were Easy, Everybody Would Do It’. This event was truly a blessing; Rick speaks by the Spirit and lets the LORD define the direction of what is being discussed.

From this night, I learned an important and striking lesson: Rick Meyer is an excellent speaker because he is a careful listener. His passion to share Christ’s love with people is shown whether he meets just one person for a brief moment, or a large gathering for an anticipated conference.

In either case, Rick listens carefully for what Christ would have him share. I cannot express how much I enjoyed working with Rick to organize our event. He demonstrates humility, a speaking presence of the experienced and contagious joy. I highly recommend him and would absolutely host him at our university again.


Jasmine Schmidt