Friday, June 19, 2009

Expect Action from Christ

This is truly a day the Lord has made, a great reason for each of us to rejoice and be glad in it.

Consider this, our Lord made the entire creation in 6 days, 1/6 of creation per day. He healed the lame, blind, sick, and dead instantly.

1. What might Christ create in your life this day?
2. What Blessings might Christ create in your life this day?
3. What Prosperity might Christ create in your life this day?
4. What Opportunities might Christ create in your life this day?
5. What wounds might Christ heal instantly?
6. What emotional wounds might Christ instantly heal?
7. What physical wounds might Christ instantly heal?
8. What relationship wounds might Christ instantly heal?
9. What spiritual wounds might Christ instantly heal?
10. What financial wounds might Christ instantly heal?
11. What economic wounds might Christ instantly heal?

Expect Miracles, Visual Miracles – include all the involved senses! Praise Him in advance for their Reality!

Make it a Great Day in Christ!

Rick E. Meyer

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"1) Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. 3) By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible." Hebrews 11:1,3

I frequently quip, "I don't mind living on faith, if only I could know what was going to happen."

I have you ever thought similarily?

I will expound on a few experiences at a later time.

Make it a Great Day in Christ!

Rick E. Meyer

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Stitches are Removed - Listen to Hunches

Last Saturday, 31 May 2009, I played softball for the first time since 1985. I was not a very good player then; and have only gotten worst. The game followed a meeting of a national board of directors I serve on, we met in Olathe, KS.

After taking infield practice we chose teams, just like childhood on the play ground, I was chosen last. The last batter was at the plate, hitting a towering fly ball. I charged in from my second base position to make the catch. My hunches kept saying, 'let it go,' due to the ball moving around from back spin. My competitive nature told my hunches to be quiet; I firmly believe winning is not everything, however it is right up there with oxygen - necessary for life :). Unfortunately I listened to my competitive nature instead of my hunches. As the ball rapidly came down I looked into the sun; losing the ball for a moment, my glove jabbed at where the ball should be - it was not. I then saw the ball again, 3 feet away, 2 - 1 - booooom!!! hitting me squarely between the eyes.

Virtually any other time someone asks if I am 'all right', the immediate response is 'YES'. This was not virtually any other time, this time I adamantly responded, 'NO!' as blood gushed from my forehead. If only I had listened to my hunches, letting the ball go, swallowing my pride.

Jana, the wife of the batter, and Kevin, a fellow board member, drove me to the emergency room of Olathe Medical Center. Unlike television and the movies, one is not rushed in to see medical personnel in the emergency room. Evidently blood coming out of one's head is considered rather normal. The professionals were very friendly once I did receive attention.

During the next three hours I received a CAT scan, revealing nothing abnormal and seventeen (17) stitches, 12 exterior, connecting my eye brows.

Friday the exterior stitches were removed, appears full recovery will occur; leaving no permanent scar. I will recall the consequences of ignoring my hunches.

Driving home late at night after the incident, I received hunches at two (2) different moments. The first time I saw a deer crossing the road in front of me, I honked the horn alerting any other deer to stay off the road. Several miles later, I received another hunch to slow down; even though logic lacked from this hunch, I listened. A few seconds later, the headlights revealed two (2) deer standing in the middle of the highway. Once again, I sounded the Town Car's horn, the deer jumped and spun around; disguising their direction to run. Yes, deer apparently can run the single wing offense!

I temporarily thought my streak of missing deer was about to end. For over 15 years I have prayed for the Lord to protect me while I drive, including keeping any and all animals off the road. I quickly responded with faith, reassuring God keeps his promises of protection if we ask and are obedient. In an instant I gave thanks for his protection, reason delayed revealing how I was to miss these deer. Somehow with the deer's hooves slipping, their bodies spinning and the Town Car somehow maneuvering; all escaped unscathed.

One Saturday I ignored my hunches, paying dearly for doing so. The following Saturday I listened to my hunches, at least in that moment, allowing me to avoid wrecking my car.

Have you, like me, found your hunches are equally accurate in guiding you in business and relationships? When we listen, success occurs despite the challenges, when ignored damage is often acquired. Fortunately with proper care the damage can be restored if we acknowledge our mistakes. Are you, like me, tempted to ignore your hunches for immediate personal gain instead of listening, gaining long term victories?

What are our hunches? I cannot speak for everyone in every situation, however I find these hunches are the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding me. The hunch, or voice, reminding me obedience to his Word will always lead to the victories he has for me. Listening to this voice will also lead to God's victories in your life. The best way to assure of hunches being the voice of the Holy Spirit is being in scripture and prayer continually.

Your hunches may defy logic, you may wonder how it will work out, just like seeing the deer on the highway.

I will probably stay off the softball field for another 24 years, however I will be constantly reminded of hunches to:

Listen - Obey - Trust

I am thankful God loves me enough to allow me being hit squarely between the eyes with a softball to remind me of this critical lesson.

God has Great Plans for you Each and Every Day!

Make it a Great Day in Christ!
Rick E. Meyer

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Liberation and Freedom

"Everything was to their advantage and to our disadvantage. Except for one thing; the Righteous cause for which we were fighting, Liberation and Freedom." June 6, 1944

A member of the Big Red One as quoted in the book the 'Fighting First', regarding The Big Red One's presence on Omaha Beach, occupying portions called Easy Red and Fox Green.

The German 352nd division fired from an elevated position, their bullets flying at crossing angles. The outlook was grim, the U.S. bombs earlier that morning had missed their targets. Seemingly everything was going wrong for the Americans and the Allied Forces on this pivotal moment. I believe it was Chaplain John Burkholter who was also quoted as saying in the same book, "God was with us that morning on the Beach." Several years ago I spoke with Ivan Heist (sp?) who drove a 'boat' dropping off soldiers on Omaha Beach, Ivan described a complete unexplainable calmness as enemy fire flew and struck all around him. Ivan says he knew Christ was with him that morning.

They were fighting a dictator, one who devalued human life, one who desired to Nationalize and control the German people and the world. The men of the Big Red One, and all of the Allied Forces in every battle involving United States Armed Forces kept fighting. They kept fighting for Liberation and Freedom. They kept fighting for the Freedom to win and the Freedom to lose. They kept fighting to keep government out of the private sector, to keep government out of health care.

Sixty Five years later many in the United States Congress and Senate lack the fortitude of our great soldiers and leaders. For example, Senator Ben Nelson from Nebraska believes Congress should sit idly by while Baraack Hussein Obama attempts to nationalize America. Those involved in nationalizing America, whether actively or by sitting idly by are effectively spitting in the face of EVERY American soldier who has fought for Liberation and Freedom. They are spitting in the face of the Founders of this Great United States of America.

When we look at the current political landscape in America and the media, Rush Limbaugh accurately describes as government run media; the temptation to give up may be aroused. Do we feel like everything is to the liberals advantage and to our disadvantage, as politicians scurry to nationalize America, effectively spitting in the face of our Veterans? Just like the men on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 we must keep fighting, inching forward at every opportunity. The Big Red One did make it off Omaha Beach, up the cliff and on to victory of Freedom and Liberation. The victory was for both America and the world.

Sixty five years later, we too must keep talking to Jesus Christ, feeling the Peace of God which passes all human understanding. We too must keep fighting for that Righteous Cause of Liberation and Freedom! Where do we fight? We fight at the ballot boxes, in the arena of ideas, in our homes, schools, and places of employment. We fight with spreading the truth of Jesus Christ and this great nation, the United States of America, he has blessed us with. We fight with prayer for protection, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. We fight with prayer for America, individually and collectively, to repent for turning away from Christ to false idols as our source of hope and guidance.

"Everything was to their advantage and to our disadvantage. Except for one thing, the righteous cause for which we were fighting, Liberation and Freedom". June 6, 1944

How will we respond on June 6, 2009?

Make it a Great Day in Christ!
Rick E. Meyer