Monday, July 22, 2013


Encouragement is an instrument of divine change. ~ Charles M. Gibbs

 The blessing occurs for both the encourager and encouragee. Sincerely encouraging others generates the endorphin release associated with the runner's high. Keep the Faith!

A few weeks ago, I listened to an old tape of Denis Waitley speaking at a business convention for Fred and Linda Harteis in Pittsburgh, PA. During Denis' presentation on the Pyschology of Winning, he stated that endorphins are 200X more powerful than morphine.

Even if he misspoke, suppose endorphins are only 2X -- 3X more powerful than morphine, that is powerful!

When we walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16) we receive promptings to encourage others. Often they appear suddenly, and defy human logic. "Why should I encourage this person? Do they even like me?"

Our motive for encouraging others resides in obedience to God, to benefit those we encourage. Dr. Stan Toussaint points out that Acts 16:9-10 illustrates that true obedience acts immediately. Consequently, upon receiving the prompting to enourage, we must do so as quickly as possible.

This obedience to God, living according to His will (Matthew 7:21), triggers a release of endorphins--at least to myself and others with whom I have discussed this topic--despite the logic defying or outward circumstances of the situation.

Encouragement is lifting-up others, encouragement often serves as a catalyst to greatness.

You are a child of God. Keep the Faith--Trust Him, always!

Encourage others!

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.