Thursday, January 26, 2012

Excuses vs. Contentment

History = Human Nature, Repeat: Countless times over the years, I am attacked with a multitude of reasons to eat supper and stay inside after arriving home from a full day.

Countless times over the years (I have only 8 fingers, two thumbs and 10 toes) the eating while reflecting on the completed little 10-miler generates contentment.

Excuses vs. Contentment: Which are you choosing?

Rick E. Meyer
The Life and Soul Agronomist
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His-ease vs. Dis-ease

Mt. 9:35 Christ heals every kind of disease and sickness.

His ease, His Peace replaces Dis-ease.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts while studying

  1. When evaluating politicians (or anyone) for a position, consider Romans 3:23, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," the question is whether one confesses and repents--turns away--from their wrong doing(s).
  2. When someone makes a statement, do you instantly seek any possible correction, or do you lift them up? Wisdom seeks understanding then appropriate guidance or rebuke. Champions build and straighten others simultaneously.

  3. Have you heard anyone say: “1 step forward and 2 steps back...” For me this indicates I went too far or I need greater perspective and/or appreciation. Better a step backward than continuing on the wrong path.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

In March 1988 @ Manhattan's First Lutheran, I bought a t-shirt from Jim Ryun: Jesus is My Coach.

My highest levels in runninig where reached when I ASKED my coaches for my weekly goals and objectives. Telling them my plans resulted in injuries or under performance.

Are you asking or telling your Coach?

Rick E. Meyer
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cast Nets Right: Feed My Sheep!

John 21:15-19

Six of the disciples, professional fishermen, are skunked with empty nets at the end of an all night fish outing as they bring their boat toward shore early in the morning. Perhaps the rising sun remains below the horizon, providing only a dim hue in the early morning sky.

A bystander along the shore about 100 yards away, whom the disciples are unable to distinguish, projects his voice, “Haven’t you any fish?” Upon confirmation of their lack of success, the bystander promises success of catching fish by lowering their net to the right side of the boat.

What is your reaction after a full day in your profession, operating in your area of expertise, and lacking any productivity and some bystander promises success for you with one additional attempt to the right side? Do you respond in faith with action? Do you laugh? Do you explain and justify to the bystander all the reasons why “casting your net” one last time is ridiculous.

The disciples obeyed, 153 large fish are in their net, the net tears from overload. One of the disciples NOW recognizes Jesus.

How often do our full nets preclude our recognizing Jesus in our life? Obedience to the commanding voice, while lacking certainty of whom the voice belongs, produces their full nets. Does this strongly resemble faith? They lower their nets to the right, in obedience to a commanding bystander in faith.

Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit reside in the hearts of all who believe and trust Jesus Christ as their Savior. Are we obedient, in faith, to commands of bystanders in lowering our “nets” on the right side for increased yields?

Discernment is significant in calibrating our heart, mind and ears to the voice of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Their voice and message is comforting in congruency with scripture and convicting when we lack congruency. The right hand signifies righteousness, the side of the sheep. Beware of bystanders guiding you to the left, the side of goats.

The Bible clearly states Faith pleases God; this helps explain why Christ probably avoids identifying Himself before the command. Jesus provides other examples of those failing to respond in faith, missing their opportunity for His Blessings. In fact, the unprepared perish.

The week before Christmas, I called my former teammate Dan. He quickly answered saying, “Rick, I will call you back in 15 minutes.” Our
long-time friendship, enable our voices to be instantly recognized by one
another. Additionally, his quick, concise response correlated with his communication style. This quickly verified my dialing the correct

Later in the week, I visited with my life-long friend and Cousin Kent. Once again, a life time of communication enable instant verification and recognition of tonality, style and message.

The greater amount of time you spend communicating with Jesus
Christ and the Holy Spirit, the more enhanced is your recognition of His
tonality, style and message in your heart and mind. Instinctively, you will recognize, obey and reap the resulting great yields.

The Bible says the we reap what sow; and if we sow sparingly, we reap sparingly. This hold true of our harvest from investing our time in knowing His voice.

What great Yields await you upon hearing, obeying and responding to a bystander, who you later learn is Jesus?

After the BIG catch, and with the recognition of Jesus, Peter bails out of the boat to run toward Jesus who stands by a camp fire with fish and bread. During breakfast Jesus engages Simon Peter with repeated, pointed questions:

Jesus: “Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?”

Simon Peter: “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”

Jesus: “Feed my lambs.”

Jesus: Simon, son of John, do you truly love?”

Simon Peter: “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”

Jesus: “Take care of my sheep.”

Jesus: Simon son of John, do you love me?”

Simon Peter (with hurt feelings) “Lord, you know all things;
you know that I love you.”

Jesus: “Feed my Sheep”

This past week the Lord has spoken to my heart regarding the completion of the book proposal project.

“Rick, do you love me?” Yes, I do Lord! “Feed my Sheep.”

Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit residing in me, remind this book project is about serving God and feeding His sheep.

Additionally, the Lord has directed me in another matter of Faith; “Rick, do you love me?” Yes, I do Lord! “Take care of my sheep, feed my sheep.” Often times caring for and feeding HIS sheep requires BOLD FAITH!

Responding BOLDLY in FAITH is enhanced when we are continually communicating with our Lord, becoming increasingly familiar with
His voice in our life.

The Lord Blesses us with amazing, net tearing, catches of prosperity. This prosperity may be spiritual, emotional, recreational, financial, physical; all the aforementioned or any combination. When Blessed, respond in your Love of Christ by feeding His lambs, caring for His sheep, and feeding his Sheep.

The required FAITH may challenge or exceed your comfort zone, as my dad said in our last meaningful conversation, “Always Trust God,
remember that son, Trust God Always.” This correlates with Proverbs 3:3-5.

Trust God!

Respond with Obedience and Faith!

Love Christ!

Feed His Sheep!

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
The Life and Soul Agronomist
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

Jealously - Envy - Greed

When hearing comments regarding 'Corporate Greed' ask, "Which came first, Corporations or Greed?"

Greed, Jealousy and Envy result from selfishness independent of business structure or networth. (Galatians 5:19-26)

Check out the source of Jealousy next time you hear a Politician provoking Jealousy among the 'Classes.' (Ezekiel 8)

Occassionally over the years, I have ashamedly desired the success belonging to others. While attending marathons, I have become envious of those who started in the 'elite' positions because I felt I too deserved this status. However, due to various circumstances, my performance levels fell short of the 'elite' runner qualifications.

Other times, I selfishly desired the financial, and professional success of others. Greed has caused flashes of consideration of unethical behavior for financial or positional gain.

Have you experienced any these desires?

Each time the Lord, through His Holy Spirit residing in me, strongly convicts heart and mind of my errant selfishness. Selfishness is a product of living in the flesh, instead of the Spirit.

When you and I live in the Spirit of God, we KNOW the Eternal provider allocates everything in and to us needed to fullfill His Will for our lives.

Living in the Spirit reveals the resources allocated to others fullfills God's Will for their lives regardless of agreement with our human wisdom and understanding.

Selfishness, the nature of flesh, opposes God.

Jealously, Envy and Greed judge God and His Wisdom as errant!

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.
The Life and Soul Agronomist

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Genius vs. Politicians

Truth simplifies the complex. Deceit complicates the simple.

Rick E. Meyer
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