Sunday, January 31, 2010


Do you remember the 1967 movie about these police killing bank robbers, starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty? I happen to watch that movie this afternoon. As with most, if not all, “Real Life” movies, the accuracy of the movie to real events is questionable, particularly regarding the details.

Near the end of this movie, Bonnie Parker asks Clyde Barrow if they could miraculously get a new start with a clean slate; what he would do with his life. Clyde’s response appeared to surprise and disappoint Bonnie, he responded that they could move to a new state then only rob banks, continuing the criminal activities, in another state where there were not known; allowing them to return home unknown and unsuspected. Unfortunately, Clyde was not interested in a change of heart.

Shortly after this discussion, at least in the movie, Bonnie and Clyde are killed. Would a different response from Clyde allow them an opportunity to live longer? We will never know, assuming the quote is factual: Only God knows.

Whether the real Bonnie and Clyde had this discussion is unknown by this author and perhaps unknown by all. However, too often some Christians respond similarly when offered a clean slate through the forgiveness of Christ’s death and resurrection. Some may desire to live in the new state where our clean slate is accepted, but traveling out this area to live their same former life of ungodliness.

We act and speak in Christ like manner with a generous heart when in church or around other Christians, however we may return to our former vulgar jokes, drunkenness, laziness, selfish, ungenerous, stretching the truth, exaggerating, lying when away from this environment. We may believe once we return to our new environment no accountability follows.

Just as Bonnie sought a new, clean slate and heart; Clyde was only interested in changing his circumstances as opposed to his heart. When Christ offers us a new slate, one of forgiveness and mercy, he demands a changed heart: One that opposes intentional sinful behavior. The clean slate, whether in law of the land or our walk with Christ; demands a renewed heart.

Walk with Christ, Talk with Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friendships and Corner Posts

Friendships are like corner posts: When dug deeply and solidified, they will withstand a great deal of tension.

Corner posts are pulled tightly by wire tightened with wire stretchers, in often two different directions. If dug quickly and shallowly, and the soil is not solidified from the base of the post up; their usefulness is drastically limited.

Walk with Christ, Talk with Christ, Achieve with Christ!

In Christ,
Rick E. Meyer

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monday morning I drove home from Seward, where I stayed with overnight with friends on the return trip home from Kansas City. Dense fog covered the terrain all 90 miles of the journey; the visibility peaked at a half mile and frequently a quarter of a mile. Even though I am reasonably familiar with these roads, seeing the upcoming stop signs and intersections was challenging at best.

Normally when fog is this heavy I drive more reluctantly with concern of missing a stop sign or turn. However, my Garmin GPS fastened on my windshield displayed the mileage; when close the distance in feet to the upcoming intersection. I drove with more confidence as I did not have to worry about missing a stop sign or turn. The GPS displayed where I was at in relation to my chosen journey and destination.

Do you ever feel like you life’s journey is in dense fog? I do! How do we know where to stop, where to turn, when to drive safely at ‘normal’ speeds? If only life came with a GPS. Fortunately, it does in the form of scripture, prayer, worship, devotion and fellowship. When we seek a relationship with Jesus Christ through the aforementioned venues; the Holy Spirit will guide us safely on our chosen journey and destination.

If the GPS was in my car, but unplugged or out of view, no benefit would be gained from its ownership. Our relationship with Christ is equivocal; relying simply on “I am a Christian,” will provide little benefit in life’s dense fog. Our relationship with Jesus and the comforter he sent to us in the Holy Spirit must be plugged in and viewed: an effective relationship is an internalized relationship.

These turbulent times cause a dense fog in our daily lives, plug and view your guidance system of the Holy Spirit.

Walk with Christ, Talk with Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Make it a Great Day in Christ!

Rick E. Meyer

Monday, January 11, 2010

Global Environment Comment

In 2006 Al Gore predicted the earth would become "frying pan" in 10 years due to Global Warming. He continually predicts the destruction of earth; he predicts the end of the world. Jesus says, only God the Father knows the last day; not even the Son or the Angels know the time of the end of the world.

Al Gore is NOT God the Father!

Walk with Christ, Talk with Christ, Achieve with Christ!!

Rick E. Meyer