Saturday, April 11, 2015

Running on Faith Workshop: Shattering Your Goals, Igniting Your Mind

Running on Faith Ministry, Inc. Presents...

What: Shattering Your Goals, Igniting Your Mind

Work Shop Topics:
As a six year old, I listened to Richard describe a few of his experiences as a United States Marine during World War Two in the Pacific battlefields. These included psychological tactics of the enemy and Richard's ability to play dead while...
This prompted my life long study of the power the mind given to us by God.
  1. Understanding the Power of Your Mind?
  2. How do we Properly apply Faith?
  3. Eleven Key Principles to Igniting Your Mind to Amazing Productivity?
  4. How do we continue Forward Progress after literally Blacking out?
  5. Five Dangers from Misapplying Your Mind's Power!
  6. How do we transform Goals Set to Goals Shattered?
  7. The simple, yet amazing demarcation between the good and the great?
  8. Why do some perform amazingly in the clutch, while others often fail under pressure in any environment?
  9. How do You set "Realistic" Goals?
  10. How does one define "Realistic"? This discussion will revolutionize your thought process.
  11. And Even more Powerful Ideas.

When: Sat. April 25, 2015:

             Session 1 @ 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
             Session 2 @ 1:00 PM to    4:00 PM

Purpose: God designed us with amazing, powerful minds. Faithful stewardship demands The foundation of my exuberance for delivering this Workshop, or Coaching sessions, resides in serving and glorifying God through serving you and your peers through the workshop's discussion.    John 1:2-4

Where: Sylvan Thirty  Map

1888 Sylvan Ave Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75208

How have these presentations impacted others? All credit and glory belongs to God who graciously enables me to serve Him.

"What a dynamic presentation you gave last evening! All who attended had to be energized by the depth of your talk. Voice quality and projection, gestures, stage positioning . . . are but a few of the many qualities I enjoyed observing you develop. It’s no wonder that you are a SPEAKING CHAMPION as well as a RUNNER PAR’ EXCLENCE. Thanks for your contribution to our betterment."
George W. Madsen

Valmont Industries
Strictly Speaking Toastmasters Club (Advanced Club In Lincoln, Ne) – President
Omaha Advanced Toastmasters Club – V P Education, And Chartering Member

"Thanks Rick. Great seeing you this last weekend and really enjoyed it! I sure wish I had a video of your opening speech!"                     
Brent Seifert
Rolls Royce
Indianapolis, IN

Re: “GOAL Achieving” presentation for a National Convention in Chicago, IL.

Rick’s energy is electrifying…he can capture and engage an audience with such ease. Most people know that sports are very physical, but Rick explains the mental science inside sports that creates winners that is unseen to spectators.”
Mendi Alexander
Economic Development/ Networking Specialist

For those unable to attend due to travel or schedule conflicts, the above admission investment provides a workbook and 90 minutes of one on one, Personalized Coaching (67% discount).

In June 2008, Rick E. Meyer competed in the equivalent of todays' Semi-Finals of the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking.

Only $50.00 per Session, OR $85 for BOTH Sessions thru Friday, April 24th. Register by April 16th and become eligible to Win Prizes.

Limited Space. Capture Your Opportunity and Seat Now.

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Includes: Registration, Workbook, Coffee, Juice and Doughnuts

Dress: Saturday Casual to Business Casual
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Individual Coaching Sessions are also Available!

"I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your speech last week. You did an excellent job of comparing running a race to how we live our lives. The lessons in it were very good. So good in fact, that I would enjoy hearing it again. If you ever video tape, put it in writing or prepare a handout for it I would like a copy."
          ~ Lonni Smith
"Rick is very knowledgeable and wise about numerous areas of life...He's a great teacher" ~ Jessica S.

"Fresh ideas, encouragement...information that can be used in all fields was awesome and can definitely be used to..." ~ Laurie K.

 "It will benefit my business greatly. It has sharpened my skills." ~ Greg S.

"GREAT SEMINAR !!!" ~ Sam D. Indianapolis, IN. 

"Rick, you did a great job. Thank you." ~ Jim H. Business Owner, Indianapolis, IN

"Rick was very delightful, humble, and sincere in his teachings." Carrie P. Indiana

"Rick was quite delightful... His presentation reflects his Christian outlook on..." ~ Ken L.  
It's All God!!!

Only $50.00 per Session, OR $85 for BOTH Sessions thru Friday, April 24th. Register by April 16th and become eligible to Win Prizes.

Limited Space. Capture Your Opportunity and Seat Now.

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Contact Rick
Visit Rick's Website

Includes: Registration, Workbook, Coffee, Juice and Doughnuts

Mt 23:11-12

"Dear Rick, thanks again for the inspiration you gave us at Salem .  You are one of the best that we have had over the years."           ~ Charles L. Hanson, retired pastor  

"Rick is an enterprising individual with boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm. Having known Rick for over 20 years, I attest him to be a man of high integrity and character. When relating a story to an audience of 1 or 1,000, Rick's is not a fabrication of truth rather sage wisdom in the spirit of Will Rogers on Jolt Cola. He's truly been there and done that! He lives that which he professes which makes him a rare person indeed. I place confidence in advice shared by Rick over the years and feel fortunate to have spent hours working with him on issues faced in business environments."          ~ Charles Kahl, Dow AgroSciences
Rick E. Meyer, Keynote Speaker 
Award Winning Speaker, Certified Trainer and Dallas Theological Seminary graduate, Rick E. Meyer illustrates Biblical truth and love as the foundation of enduring success in business, academics, athletics and all relationships. During his uplifting presentations, Rick connects these truths to creating success in our daily lives, sending listeners away with the ability to imagine greatness while encouraging them to trust God in Christ.

Only $50.00 per Session, OR $85 for BOTH Sessions thru Friday, April 24th. Register by April 16th and become eligible to Win Prizes.

Limited Space. Capture Your Opportunity and Seat Now.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Trust and Serve God

Last week in Gillette, WY and Billings, MT, several seminar attendees pulled me aside during breaks with surprising--to me--expressions of gratitude for my encouragement and "boldly, yet gently, sharing your faith."

Numerous times, attendees have thanked me for sharing the gospel while teaching. I am always surprised because I do not set specific goals of encouraging people or sharing my faith.

My prayer before teaching any topic, consists simply of "Lord, help me serve and glorify you today. For the cause of Christ, who may I serve today? Lord, you are joining today's attendees, myself and this topic for your purposes, far exceeding my wisdom. Let me act obediently to your desires in spite of myself."

Then, trusting God in faith, I freely speak whatever is placed on my heart.

Conversely, whenever I focus on secular goals I receive no comments such as those above. This reminds me that the more we focus on serving and glorifying God--including doing our job well, the deeper the positive impact is on others. As we know, all people and topics fall under God's domain.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being (John 1:1-3)."

Seek to serve and glorify God; all else will fall into place according to His wisdom (Mt. 6:33).

See Christ, Believe Christ,
Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.
Running on Faith Ministry Inc.