Friday, January 21, 2011

GOALS - Realistic is on Your Knees

As an eight year old, I stood by the old windmill tower in our farmyard setting five major GOALS. Four of them involved athletics, the other was a large business GOAL. I was a terrible athlete, always among the last to be picked for playground teams. In School Day races, I finished in or near last place - I was consistent!

When I share these GOALS, both at the time and later; many responded, "Get a reality check, Rick!" or "Rick, effective GOALS must be realistic; you need to change yours to something achievable."

I defied the advice, keeping my GOALS. I achieved the first four GOALS 8, 9, 20, and 21 years after setting "unrealistic" GOALS in June 1975. I was frequently on my knees pleading for our Lord's assistance. I continue daily working towards the 5th GOAL; most likely some still believe it to be "unrealistic." I remain on my knees seeking the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind. Upon reflection, I believe God was providing a vision for my life back in '75.

On the way to speaking engagement in November 2009, I stopped by the farm which was enroute to my destination. As I pondered the accomplished GOALS, I reflected upon how enonormous and 'out of reach' they seemed in 1975. However, as I set pondering on the river bank 34+ years later; I asked myself why I did failed to set even greater GOALS at the time. Yes, I have continued setting GOALS since.

The Holy Spirit softly spoke to me that November 2009 day on the banks of the North Fork of the Solomon River, "Rick, your GOALS were and are realistic; when you maintain you sole focus and reliance on ME. Yes, they are unrealistic for you to achieve on your own. That is why in June 1975 I placed GOALS on your heart that were insurmountable for you; to guide you to seeking and relying on me."

Yes, GOAL is Greatness Occurs After Leaping (on Faith) or Greatness Occurs After Logic (human reason).

Others will most likely say that you need to get a reality check; you need to set more realistic GOALS. When this occurs, consider our God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit places GOALS on your heart and mind that are Realistic. Realistic when place in His hands!

This is why I invite and encourage those I speak to and work with to set GOALS whose achievements are dependent upon being on our knees seeking and relying on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Expect God's Intervention! Expect Miracles!

As my dad said in our last meaningful conversation, "Always trust God, always remember that son, trust God (Christ) always." I will dad, I will.

Are You trusting God (Jesus Christ)?

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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