Sunday, June 21, 2015

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 Do you manage mid-race fatigue or does exhaustion control you?

Maximize YOUR Mental Fitness with Rick E. Meyer and Elevate Your Performance 

  • Competition Preparation
  • Training Optimization
  • Strategic Approaches for Conquering Competitive Challenges

Running is 90% Mental and the other Half is physical.

  • M.A. Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary  
  • Coached Five Elite Eight NCAA Cross Country Teams
  • Coached numerous NCAA All-Americans
  • Coached numerous State Champion Runners, Teams & State Record Holders
  • Placed 47th in Boston Marathon, 10th American  
  • Placed 86th in New York City Marathon, 12th American


See, Believe, Achieve Inc. now offers:

Mental Coaching

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Bonus podcasts are also available for download.
July 13, 2015: How are you Constructed? (Available until Midnight on 7/20/15)
July 20, 2015: "Achieving Dreams, Overcoming Hills"
July 27, 2015: Visualize
August 2, 2015: Are you putting yourself in position to win?
August 10, 2015: Taking Control of Muscles and Lactic Acid
August 17, 2015: Self Talk - Part 2 Should you use words such as, "not"?
September 1, 2015: Attitude of Gratitude
September 1, 2015: What's Right...?

Receiving awards following a recent Half Marathon from an inductee of College Football's Hall of Fame, Bill Snyder, who serves as the Head Football Coach of the Kansas State Wildcats.

Seeing the sights in Boston the day after the 2015 Marathon.


Listen to Congo's Ideologies - 2008 Toastmasters District International Winning Speech

"Thanks Rick. Great seeing you this last weekend and really enjoyed it! I sure wish I had a video of your opening speech!"

Brent Seifert
Rolls Royce
Indianapolis, IN
Re: “GOAL Achieving” presentation in Chicago

“Rick’s energy is electrifying…he can capture and engage an audience with such ease. Most people know that sports are very physical, but Rick explains the mental science inside sports that creates winners that is unseen to spectators.”
Mendi Alexander
Hays, KS

"I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your speech last week. You did an excellent job of comparing running a race to how we live our lives. The lessons in it were very good. So good in fact, that I would enjoy hearing it again. If you ever video tape, put it in writing or prepare a handout for it I would like a copy."
Lonni Smith
Nebraska Public Power District

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