Friday, June 2, 2017

16 of the 50+ Leadership Lessons from Moses in Exodus 3

Leadership Lessons from Moses

1.     Leaders guide their organization towards God

2.     Leaders recognize and respond to God's prompting.

3.     Leaders are called and prompted by God despite our past transgressions: Moses committing murder (1:2).

4.     Leaders observe inquisitively, avoid unfounded premature assumptions, while appreciating and having awe when applicable.

5.     Leaders recognize we must turn, change direction.

6.     Leaders recognize the necessity of responding to the Lord immediately.

7.     Leaders observe details and inquire of the unknown.

8.     Leaders remain available, responding to those seeking them.

9.     God engages Leaders when we turn to Him, observe, and inquire.

10.  Leaders fear God. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom."

11.  Leaders listen to the whole message without interrupting (See Rick Meyer's blog post, "Do you finish God's sentences?")

12.  Leaders recognize and confess our inability to achieve significance on our own.

13.  Leaders worship God

14.  Leaders tell God they accept His assignments

15.  Leaders think and plan ahead of possible questions and objections from those they lead.

16.  When responding to God's call, humble Leaders expect God to provide the necessary answers--as God deems appropriate.

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