Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Hay is in the Barn

We are excited for those running the California International Marathon (USTAF Marathon Championships), the 12 Hour Treadmill Challenge, and the Dallas Marathon in the next 2 weeks.

Near race day, we often hear or say the phrase, "The hay's in the barn."

Congrats on enduring the training to raise the hay, swath the hay, bale the hay, and get the hay in the barn! 

However, hay left in the barn will eventually go to waste.

Those desiring the reward, a juicy prime steak, must diligently, persistently, and systematically have the passion to feed the hay in every type of weather conditions and circumstances imaginable.

Congrats to each of you on getting your Hay in the Barn! Now...Are you willing to do whatever it takes, go through anything necessary, to feed the hay and get the steak?!?!?

Remember, when you feed the hay through pushing yourself beyond previously known limits...trusting God; your abundant steaks feed many others, including those whom you have never met.

You will positively impact the world!

Does this sound exciting yet overwhelming?

Pray for wisdom and strength.

Trust God, Always!

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