Saturday, June 12, 2010

Altitude & Wisdom

I boarded the plane for a United Airlines flight to Albany, finding my seat next to the window. The view out window on while sitting at the gate offers a limited perspective of the surroundings. Based solely on this view, Chicago’s O’Hare airport possesses about a dozen boarding gates, with limited airplane traffic.

As we taxied to the runway, I was able to a better view seeing dozens of additional gates and airplanes; although the airport’s size still appeared modest at best. I would have been a less than adequate ambassador for O’Hare airport; due to my limited perspective. If someone sought my advice for O’Hare’s capacity; I would have been very confident, and very wrong. A limited perspective provided the foundation of my assessment.

Approximately twenty minutes after boarding, the pilot announced over the intercom, “Flight attendants please prepare for take-off.” The jet engines roared as we zoomed down the long runway; with nature’s law of lift collaborating with the law of gravity our ascension commenced. My perspective increased exponentially with altitude. Quickly, O’Hare’s vastness became apparent.

As our ascension continued the logistics of the entire Chicago landscape became significantly more apparent from the air. After reaching 36,000 feet altitude other cities appeared as a speck on the map, including Detroit and Windsor, Canada. Lake Huron seem not so great; Niagara Falls appeared simply as a ‘nice stream.’ I now had a greater understanding of how everything fit together geographically. With a view from great altitude, I could have answered any geographical question with much greater accuracy than when on the ground.

When asking questions about O’Hare airport, the city of Chicago, or Niagara Falls; would my answers reveal my altitude? A higher altitude, among many things, allows one’s awareness of possibilities to drastically increase.

Would our decision making ability increase in quickness and accuracy if we had ‘altitude’ in life? What is life’s equivalent of altitude? Wisdom provides ‘altitude,’ greater perspective, in life.

Does a person’s answers reveal their ‘altitude,’ their wisdom? Does greater wisdom allow an exponential increase in awareness of possibilities?

Scripture states that if we desire wisdom, we simply must ask and believe. Attain wisdom for greater understanding.

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve Wisdom with Christ!

In Christ,

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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