Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chores & Comfort

As a child, I had to leave the warm confines of the house with the burning wood stove for the bitter cold outdoors to do chores, consisting of feeding and watering the livestock, cutting wood or other responsibilities Dad placed upon me. The chores often seemed long and tedious.

While outside my finger, toes, and ears became painstakingly cold; some of the worst pain I have endured, at times nearly causing tears. Relief was occasionally found inside the barn, the pick-up with the heater turned on, or on the tractor with a comfort cover blocking the wind while capturing a fraction of the engine’s generated heat.

While completing the outdoor chores in the torturing cold temperatures; my body pleaded for relief. Especially when the hands or feet became wet; amplifying the frigid temperatures. Yet, I remained confident my family membership; and my parents’ continual love. Despite the torture, I knew every evening a delicious hot supper would be on the table and along with a bedroom with a comfortable bed and pillow for sleeping.

Similarly, the Lord sends us out into the world for chores, feeding and caring for his creation. This time frame may be viewed as both as fractions of our earthly life and as our entire earthly life. For this discussion we will view from the perspective of portions of our earthly life. We are tortured, we cry out in pain; only minor temporary relief is found. Yet, we remain confident of our membership in Christ’s family, of our Heavenly Father’s continual love. We know Jesus provides rich, scrumptious, spiritual meals, and physical meals. We know that in the evenings of our earthly days and our life; our precious Savior provides a comfortable place of rest in His loving arms.

When are sent to complete chores in the world for our Lord; finding the environment torturing, know you remain in the Heavenly family, a Child of God, chosen and ordained (John 15) for the tasks at hand. Know Christ’s love for remains eternally strong and pure. When you struggle to find temporarily relief from the torturing environment during your chores that at the end of the task, know our Lord welcomes you back into comfort of His arms, providing nourishment and rest.

The chores may seem long and tedious. Remember Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.” This reminds me of the last meaningful conversation I had with my dad as he commanded, “Always trust God, remember that son, Trust God always.”

See Christ’s chores, Believe Christ’s power and comfort, Achieve with Christ.

In Christ,

Rick E. Meyer

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