Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Spirit and Albino Soybean Plants

Another excerpt from the same paper referenced below.

Jim also became the world’s first scientist to develop an albino soybean plant, I only heard of this from Dad as he relayed the story Jim shared with him. This achievement required an estimated 13,000 to 15,000 trials before attaining success. When I spoke with Jim last summer, he no longer recalled.

Unfortunately, fellow scientist(s) broke into his lab stealing some of his research data. This led to his departure from science within a few years later. Attaining a pure white soybean plant was nearly impossible for world’s best scientists, at least in the early 1980s. Albinos are rare in nearly all of nature.

This reminds us of the impossibility of our heart and soul attaining purity, represented by pure white, on our own merits. We must be born, injected with the genetics of Spirit and worship Him in truth.

As other scientist(s) applied every known distraction and deception to prevent Jim from creating the albino soybean plant, the enemy Satan attempts to distract and deceive man from attaining an albino soul through knowing Jesus Christ—His death and resurrection for our sins.

Satan also attempts to distract and deceive us from developing a full relationship with the Holy Spirit. This relationship includes speaking with and hearing Him through our heart, mind and soul. His voice’s correlation with scripture equals 1.0. God-the Trinity-must agree with His Word.

Any voice correlation less than 1.0, originates from someone other than God. John 14:16 refers to the Spirit with the Greek word, paraclētos or paraclete (Ferguson 1996, 36-56), these contain definitions similar with a defense attorney defending us against the accuser, diabolos (devil).

Additionally, Jesus explains the defense attorney, the Holy Spirit, converses with the God the Father, the Judge, and the Son (Letham, 58). In other words, we are caught driving the stolen car from the crime scene with the smoking gun whose ballistics match the killing bullet, additionally the entire crime-a digital video recorder captures our every action.

If we confess of our crime, admitting we have no hope of innocence on our own merit; we are defended by defense attorney who is the Judge’s triplet brother (not intended to represent a perfect analogy of the trinity, yet close), and who plays golf with Him daily.

God reveals this plant science, genetics, connection to me for the first time in thirty years while writing this paper. I spoke with Jim and Jerry on the phone last summer for the first time since the mid-1980s while completing my book Running on Faith, I called verifying information I wrote about them. They remain as friendly as ever all these years later.

The Holy Spirit, along with God the Father, and the Son Lord Jesus Christ, is eternally God. He provides birth and genetics of eternal life through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. He lives in our hearts, convicting us of our sin, helping, defending and comforting us as we seek to grow in our originally designed image of God.

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve purity from Christ!


Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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