Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Metaphor ?

Recently a friend and I engaged in a phone conversation with our normal strategy of discussion thoughts and ideas.

This discussion included the pondering, "Does the Bible contain metaphors?" For example, whenever God's word states a concept beyond the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of some, we cry "Metaphor!"
Perhaps the Bible does contain metaphors. If so, how does one differentiate between true beyond our understanding versus a metaphore. Can non-believers claim Jesus really did not die on the cross, rather the biblical description serves as a metaphor for inclusive salvation, regardless of beliefs--such as the Unitarians.

Rather than proclaiming, "Metaphor" to account for biblical wisdom exceeding our own, let's first seek first God's Kingdom and his righteousness as advised in Matthew 6:33. His kingdom and righteousness includes his wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

In contrast to claiming, "This cannot be interpreted literal," ask the God of truth to increase your wisdom, knowledge and understanding, correlating with his wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Consider three of Jesus' descriptions that instantly correlate with one another. He is the Light of the World, as well as the well from which we never again thirst--water--and "I am the Bread of Life."

Entry level biology teaches that photosynthesis derives from light, and wheat which produces bread from photosynthesis and water.

The light, water, bread, etc on earth exists as small subsets compared to God's description and definition on the eternal scale.

We claim, "Metaphor!" when attempting to restrain God's description and definition of things such as life, bread and water to the human understanding of the earthly subset.

As a simplistic example, imagine someone who has only knew of motorized vehicles through the year 1905. How would they respond to hearing about today's automobiles, airplanes, agricultural and construction equipment? If someone spoke of capability of the latter, while simply referring to these amazing mechanical and technilogical advancements as "motorized vehicles" they too would most likely cry "Metaphor."

Yet, those of us who have seen and are familiar with today's advancements would reply, "You don't understand. Today's capabilities of motorized vehicles are beyond your comprehension based on 1905 wisdom, knowledge and understanding."

Do God's advancements in the heavenly realm far exceed man's technological advancements since 1905.

As a teaser, consider Dr. Gerald Schroeder's 2004 book, The Hidden Face of God, where he suggests each cell contains a "mind."

Seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Think Inside the Bible.

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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