Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flexible & Lean

In October 2009, I was injured with plantar fasciitis. In simple terms, your foot and heel hurt as ligaments are pulling away from one another. This injury last burdened me over twenty years ago; then I continued to train while setting a personal record in the mile run. The injury healed within two weeks; disappearing from my mind until last October. Twenty years later the attained injury nagged on for six months; restricting my training to two or three days a week. Unfortunately, my eating habits remained unchanged; resulting in significant weight gain during those six months. Moreover, I inadvertently stretched very little; my muscles tightened.

In June, I entered a 5K, 3.1 mile, race running a pathetically slow time. My conditioning is a long ways from being competitive against some of the best. Running fast is painfully difficult when overweight and inflexible. My weight is now dropping, and flexibility improves; enabling running farther and faster. The running efficiency will continue improving as my excessive fat dissipates and flexibility continues improvement.

A prudent runner finds their prime weight, too much loss results in loss of strength. While flexibility is enormously significant, stretching beyond the designs of the body is damaging. Tearing muscle or dislocating joints is painful and destructive; we optimize performance by stretching within the limits of our body; while maximizing the available range.

Would you agree that all areas of our lives resemble a runner: excessive weight and lack of flexibility hinder our performance? Can a business or any organization be competitive against the best when ‘overweight’ and inflexible? Just as a runner is wise in finding their optimal weight, prudent organizations find their ideal size. Moreover, while a runner’s body is damaged by stretching beyond the physical boundaries of the skeleton-muscle structure; businesses and organizations are damaged if stretching beyond the boundary of truth.

Are you stretching your mind? Are you tapping into your imagination, increasing awareness of possibilities? Are you studying great achievers? Are you learning new topics? Are you visualizing your desired success? Are you brainstorming with other top achievers?

What is your organization’s optimal size, the size where profit is maximized? What are you doing to attain or retain the proper volume to overhead ratio?

Yes, with weight loss and increased flexibility I am on target to be very competitive in a few months. With increased flexibility and attaining ideal size, you will be amazed at your achievements.

See, Believe, Achieve Inc.
Rick E. Meyer

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