Thursday, March 10, 2011

Origin of Love and Works

Origin of Love and Works
Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where do love and good works originate? I receive e-mails from a church body that continually brags of their good works in the world. Their leaders concurrently confess that all receive salvation from Christ regardless if they know and accept him as their Savior.

Their gospel has changed from Christ’s death and resurrection to preaching the necessity of works. One pastor recently told me that he only views a few books of the Bible as relevant. It is difficult to have effective hands and feet while absent arms and legs.

Yes, we should do good things, including caring and providing for our fellow man; whether those in our household, across the street or around the world. The second greatest commandment is loving your neighbor (fellow man) as much as you love yourself.

Where do we receive the motivation for loving others, caring for others, assisting, feeding, clothing and visiting others? Jesus said these will be considered when separating the sheep and goats. The gospel we preach reveals where we believe these actions originate.

Those who believe the actions are externally motivated, preach a gospel of works. Those believing a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are necessary for salvation, preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. As we have discussed in previous writings, Jesus and the Word are the same; as Jesus is pure and a pure Word; with reciprocal also true.

Allowing the transformation our hearts, minds and souls to Jesus Christ through the purity of the entire scripture; enables our actions, our works, to be led by the Holy Spirit. Would you agree the Holy Spirit’s wisdom of necessary actions far exceed our own wisdom for appropriate actions?

Lord, help us continually deepen our relationship with you; saturate our hearts and minds with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Enable us to clearly hear and obey your voice, your directives in serving, acting and helping others. Help us lead others to you, so they may develop and deepen their relationship with you.

Jesus, YOU are the change the world seeks and needs. Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have been present along with the Father throughout eternity. Genesis speaks of the Trinity, Jesus is revealed throughout the Old Testament. All of Scripture is God breathed, Jesus is the Word made Flesh. Consequently, ALL of Scripture should be considered "Gospel", Good News. Failing to see Good News in Scripture is a reflection of my sinful nature; as opposed to any deficiences of the author of scripture.

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

In Christ,
Rick E. Meyer

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