Friday, May 27, 2011

You have not, because you ask not. Ask and you shall receive.

At the beginning of each seminar, I encourage the attendees to let me know of anything they hope to attain from the seminar. This invitation and inquisition is repeated several times throughout the day.

Frequently, someone assures they will gladly share any apparent uncovered material with me; yet these very people stay silent through the final request.

The evaluation sheets are distributed to each attendee. A few of these silent attendees write on their evaluation forms of their disgruntlement of material failing to be covered in their desired format.

Yes, they ignore the inquisitions; remaining silent, illustrating their false promise of speaking up, with each probing. They then freely and openly complain on the evaluation form; they believe they lacked a brochure promise yet refrain from asking.

While cooling down from today’s run, the Lord reminds me that me and many others virtually always do the same with him. He specifically invites us to ask him of anything in His name.

We either fail to ask or fail to align our request(s) with His name. We then complain to anybody and everybody about our lack of receiving.

If our omniscient, all knowing, Lord seeks our requests; is it permissible for me to inquire in the seminar room? He has used this experience to teach us that just as I, a sinner, am sincere in these inquisitions; the perfect, almighty God is exponentially more authentic in His invitation of our requests.

If you believe you and I lack a Biblical promise let us inquire if we are asking congruently with scripture. Perhaps we lack the wisdom to recognize the Biblical promise, perhaps the Lord delivered in a format different than expected.

No one expected Jesus to be born in a feed trough inside a livestock lean to. Jesus entered and occupied the world with humility and wisdom; yet the world expects great things to exist with brash complication.

We lack, because we fail to ask and observe with Christ’s wisdom. Ask ye shall receive!

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer

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