Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Confessing Faith = Living Faith

Actions define Faith (James 2:14-17). Faith believes in the physically unseen. We act according to our beliefs. If I believe I need water, and I believe there a water hydrant sits one-hundred yards west; I will walk one-hundred yards west for a drink. This assumes I possess the ability to walk. If I fail to walk one-hundred yards west, I either doubt my need for water or I doubt the stated location of the water hydrant.

I love proclaiming my dependence on God's strength, wisdom, mercy, grace, love, forgiveness, understanding, joy, peace and the fruit of Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22-25). This includes how He has and does bless my efforts in school, speaking, running, and all I commit to Him. The messages include the Power of Light and Hanging on by a Thread.

When I proclaim my dependence on Him along with His ability to bless efforts, I must completely exert myself—in faith—toward the desired goals. Because, if I use His name as my source of power, then fail to fully exert myself, my witness loses all credibility and power. Outsiders view my declared dependence versus my effort as hypocrisy or they view it as God lacking power. I poorly represent Him! I fail to please Him. The failure results from my lack of effort as opposed to lack of results.

Consequently, as I share my dependence on Him in studying, speaking, running and a number of other activities, I must fully exert myself towards those goals. I must study beyond the point of exhaustion, striving for comprehension to the point of simplicity. I must write, rewrite and rewrite papers to the absolute best of my ability.

Ultimately, I am acting according to my belief that God will bless my efforts according to His will when I seek to please Him in all that I do. Only then do I serve as a good witness. Someone one said, "To know and not to do, is not to know." Do our actions reveal our knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and His grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, death, resurrection and resulting salvation?

Do you and I know God's strength, wisdom, mercy, grace, love, forgiveness, understanding, joy, peace and the fruit of Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22-25). Are you and I glorifying God as our actions represent Him? Will your faith resulting actions and efforts encourage others to also seek God as their source of power, peace, hope, forgiveness, love and salvation?

Today, walk in the direction of your faith. Walk, in belief, toward the one whom gives you water for which you will never thirst again (Jn. 4:14). What would someone whom you never met conclude about your beliefs based on your actions?

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!
Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.


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