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Leader Servant


Personal Philosophy of Leadership (Excerpt)
Leader Servant1

The Mission

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ! Success is achieving Christ's will, through the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit for one's life, perpetually seeking and attaining the necessary wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Mt. 6:33, 7:15-23; Jn. 5:30). God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are perfect—complete—consequently God's will for my life, and everyone's life, encompasses each aspect—membership, citizenship, relationship, endeavor—of one's life. God's Will creates and allows actions and consequences symbiotically interacting with everything according to His wisdom. Christ's will includes the will of the Father (Mt. 7:21), possessing God's full depth and breadth in our every thought, action, and interaction. I strive to remain humble before the Lord, trusting He will lift me up (James 4:10).

Leader Servant

The greatest among you shall be your servant (Mt. 23:11). 

The Leader Servant seeks submissive synchronization with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to help others achieve Christ's will for their lives (Mt. 6:33, 7:15-23, 22:37-39; Jn. 5:30).

My Leadership Philosophy seeks serving Christ by serving others, striving to represent God's image (Gen. 1:27). The Leader Servant responds to loving God with all of one's heart, mind, and soul, while loving others as much as one loves themselves by serving mankind (Mt. 22:37-39). Through this response, the Leader Servant recognizes the Holy Spirit as the one who influences people, while often using man's service as catalysts (Jn. 16:8; Acts 2; Rom. 9). People whom God places on similar courses with the Leader Servant favorably respond because God offers the greatest results, the richest fulfillment possible. People rebuke the Leader Servant if he fails to seek synchronization with Christ, thus he ignores or rebukes Christ or if the organizational members rebuke Christ (Jn. 15:18).

The Leader Servant recognizes the triune God--the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit—as Creation's CEO. The Leader Servant grows through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, hardship, trials, tribulations and victories to the Spiritual Mature. As a Spiritually Mature Christian, the Leader Servant effectively becomes a Vice President of Serving in God's kingdom. His spiritual growth enables quick discernment and responsiveness to Christ's commands, possessing flexibility with a plethora of abilities, humility before the Lord, along with an abundance of trust and obedience. Ultimately, he recognizes the duality of privilege and responsibility of serving others with Christ. Serving includes continual teaching by example, written and verbal communication among the array of technology.


Jacqueline Harrill writes on Facebook (2 Dec. 2012), Let us believe: We are stewarding our blessings well, so that we may refresh and replenish the world! When God gives us extraordinary favor it is for the sake of those around us. As favor increases, so must our attitude of gratitude, otherwise the sense of entitlement will strip us of our character.

My leadership experience includes leading and winning numerous races over the years along with running with and finishing among the top ½ percent in several international races. Many similarities exist between leading races and leading organizations. People follow those with common purpose, goals, dreams and destinations. The runner leads because his ability, preparation and desire to lead exceed those whom follow. The organizational leader resides in the front, because he (or she) gives the greatest effort in the cause of the event or organization. The greatest effort typically results in the combination of preparation and willingness to exert in the prescribed period—months, years, or decades. Yes, we must steward our blessing of extraordinary favor well, for the benefit of those around us. David's preparation for killing Goliath included obedience to, confidence in, and reliance on God while developing skills in killing lions and bears, and perfecting his sling shot skills while herding sheep.

Preparation and love generated desire assures perpetually striving to serve those whom God places in our path, even if only to open a literal door. Jack Welch once observed, "Every conversation is an interview." Any conversation may affect, directly or indirectly, one's relationship of any nature. The examples of Moses killing the man when he believed he and the victim were alone, and David committing adultery with Bathsheba display that every interaction affects our ability to serve, along with the perception, results and consequences to and from those we serve. The Leader Servant becomes the aroma of Christ to the world (2 Cor. 2:15-16), this aroma attracts people because of the Holy Spirit in the Leader Servant.

Evangelism and ministering begin with serving. Pride, self-centeredness, saturates the market-place. In reversal, serving in the marketplace focuses on elevating the spiritual, emotional, relational, recreational, and financial positioning of those encountered towards the Lord Jesus Christ. Attracting others raises the servant as the leader of those possessing—or desire to possess—the performance, achievements and intangible attributes of the servant. Serving with love, forgiveness, and a burning desire for others' success, results in them inviting the servant to the front as their leader. Discover the heart of men and women by observing the heart of those whom they choose to follow—their leader. Watching the success of those I assist offers amazing joy and fulfillment, equaling or surpassing the joy of personal achievement.

Helping people achieve Christ's will for their life demands watering them with the Word of God, fertilizing with prayer, fellowship and necessary associations. Necessary associations recognize that as iron sharpens iron, so one Leader Servant sharpens another Leader Servant (Prov. 27:17). Considering Christ's command to love others equally as ourselves, I strive to share, teach and grow each success attribute I internalize and apply as Leader Servant with those whom I serve based on their specific needs in the appropriate moment. This assistance includes evaluating and measuring—as best possible—the tangible and intangible attributes of those served. We compare these to the necessary attributes for success in the area where one feels led. The Leader Servant works with the served in developing a plan to move and improve in the called direction. The Leader Servant assists with discernment regarding necessary commitment level, the duration of pursuing, and other options to include or elevate one's success.

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!
Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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