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Saturday June 22, 2013

New record low this morning for resting pulse @ 35 beats per minute (bpm).
Finishing an assignment before my run Saturday morning (02/16/2013), I glanced at my resting heart rate on the Garmin 610 monitor (HRM) provided by Garmin. The excitement of seeing my resting heart rate (HR) at thirty-nine beats per minute caused escalation to forty-six.
This ranks among the lowest HR readings of my life at age forty-six, certainly the lowest in seventeen years—in my twenties. Even then, only a concentrated effort brought the HR below forty, and certainly to my record of thirty-six. This low HR occurred while I consistently ran 80 to 135 miles per week with an average door-to-door pace ranging from 5:55 to 6:05 per mile. (UPDATE 3/01/2013: Heart Rate @ 36 matching the record low from the 1990s)
My heart condition and strength appears to reach new heights despite the odds of age and stressful life events. During the past six years, I remain completely healthy with my heart efficiency now improving to new heights—defying the odds.
Running contributes greatly to this health, especially the return to biweekly intervals the past two-months under of a terrific coach—I have been blessed with several exceptional coaches in my life.
The speed work increases capillaries along with my body weight plunging; these result in increased heart strength, and efficiency.
Moreover, Cellgevity increases my cellular production of glutathione which decreases intracellular inflammation, thereby causing my body to recover more quickly and enhances existing health. Over seventy diseases receive beneficial improvements from increased cellular production of glutathione.
Based on my workouts and energy level, the cellular level of my body
operates as if thirteen to twenty-years younger. Consequently, this enhances my energy and duration in studying along with the physical benefits.
The ultimate reason from my increased health, heart, energy, fitness and studying resides in the Lord Jesus Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit. He leads the scientists in developing Cellgevity, He leads the businessmen in developing a profitable business for distribution to numerous countries. God brings you and me into contact and knowledge with the right people for improved spiritual, emotional and physical development.
Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit through word, relationship and associations provide His peace exponentially exceeding ALL human understanding, regardless of life's circumstances and events. His Light provides our power to Run on Faith
amidst life's storms, sometimes grasping to only Hang on by a Thread.
I am grateful for God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit providing opportunities through the world's best evangelical seminary professors, the Word of God, a world-class running coach, family, friends, scientists, businessmen and amazing Godly mentors for a healthy and a perpetually improving heart in my mid-forties.

Many factors, One Triune God! enable me to fully pursue my dreams, the dreams God continues revealing for me.

What are your Dreams?

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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