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Book Summary: Grace Awakening

20 September 2011

An excellent book to add to your reading list, and library for review in regular intervals.

What are the main theses of this book?

Grace killers abound!

Creativity and spontaneity are destroyed with legalism; or the absence of flexibility and forgiveness. An author's creativity is hindered when required to be more concerned with a paper's format than the paper's life enhancing message. Lying, deceiving and double standards exterminate Grace. Prudence mandates authenticity and grace coexist.

Grace is better emphasized in the extreme than under emphasized

As Martin Lloyd-Jones illustrated, proof of God's true grace being preached occurs when some understand grace's border at the dangerous extreme. The book uses an illustration of people assisting an Alaskan whale return to sea, after being trapped by ice in shallow water. Grace is epitomized with people breaking ice in allowing the whales' return to sea. Are we projecting grace in helping others, specifically those who made mistakes, "breaking the ice" for their success?

Grace affects our relationships and generosity

Criticism and dictating destroy joy, trust and positive emotional bonds in all levels and types of relationships: marital, social or business. Grace exponentially enhances our emotional and financial generosity. A grace filled friend sent a card, and graciously included a gift in the envelope to assist with seminary (Fall 2011). Grace lifts our spirits, enhancing our appreciation of the incidentals in life such as laughter, this in-turn enhances relationships. We are less judgmental, more mature, and avoid the gossip mind-set.

How did I spiritually benefit from this book?

Among many benefits, I am reawakened to God's amazing grace for my abundant doubts, fears and mistakes. Additionally, being reminded to avoid letting other's bad choices deter my loving and caring for them.

What issues from this book still remain as challenges in my ongoing spiritual vitality?

Forgiving me for the abundance of mistakes committed. Additionally, forgiving those with whom I adamantly disagree.



Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. THE GRACE AWAKENING. Fourth. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2010.

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Rick E. Meyer.
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