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Doctrinal Statement

Rick E. Meyer See, Believe, Achieve Inc. ST101N: Introduction to Theology Doctrinal Statement of Scripture A. Inspiration I believe the entire canonized Bible is the pure, inerrant Word of God, written by the Holy Spirit through faithful, obedient servants chosen by God who is the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The Bible is written through men, absent their independent thoughts, using events and observations of their lives to convey the message of the Holy Spirit to God’s people . The canonized Bible remains at sixty-six books as writings are from prophets, apostles or Christ. Cannon of Scripture indicates the books acknowledge as the inspired word of God by the Church . B. Inerrancy The pure, inerrant, word of God is internally absorbed when reading scripture and listening to his voice. Jesus says that his sheep know his voice . Those who do not know the Father, do not know his voice . Metabolism commences with acknowledging the pure authenticity of God's word, this acknowledgement solidifies belief. Belief enhances the transformation of internalized scripture from potential to kinetic. This acknowledgement includes confessing God's wisdom far exceeds our own. Scripture only appears errant, when I lack sufficient wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The Holy Spirit is the only source of revelation , thus is sought for sufficiency. A pure word is a pure Lord Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh ! Scripture is alive , continually and perpetually transforming those who open their heart to its truth, closer to God’s image. Complete transformation only occurs at the end of earthly life. An impure Word is an impure Christ. An impure Christ negates his death and resurrection for the forgiveness of eternal sin for all who trust in Him, confessing sole dependence upon His purity and resulting death and resurrection for the forgiveness of our personal sin. I believe the eternal Godhead exists in Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit . They are three distinct persons of one God, existing in equality of attributes and nature; and in worthiness of praise and adoration. Jesus existing in eternity Genesis “our image.” I believe man is innately sinful from Adam , Jesus Christ is the only way to eternity with God in heaven. C. Authority The Bible molds and transforms my spiritual, emotional, financial , recreational and physical life . When God’s Word and my thoughts and actions are incongruent, my thoughts and actions must change – not the Bible. The Bible is used for teaching and rebuking. When man’s thought and desires are incongruent with scripture, it is man whom must change. Wisdom brings joyful rebuke, conviction and change. Ultimately, my belief of the above testimony authentication radiates from my eyes, voice tonality, words and actions of loving and forgiving others and me . End Notes: ST101N Bibliology: Cannon Horrell P. 49 Charles Ryrie “There is nothing in the text that deceives.” ST101N Horrell Class notes P. 39 2 Ti 3:16 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” Scripture originate in God, exhaled by Him through the human authors to all of mankind. Charles Ryrie “God’s superintendent of the human authors so that, using their own personalities, they composed and recorded with error His revelation to man in his words of the original manuscript.” ST101N Horrell Class Notes P. 49 BIBLIOLOGY THE CANNON OF SCRIPTURE Jn. 10:27 My brother in-law owns a large sheep herd, up to 1,000 ewes in addition to their lambs existing as twins and triplets. These sheep respond to his voice, they do not respond to my voice. We know our earthly parents’ voice, likewise we know our Heavenly Father’s voice. For example, when I was about fifteen months old, my dad said I quickly went from standing right beside him to climbing about twenty feet up the ladder on the nearby windmill tower in our farmyard. I began walking at seven months old, and loved climbing. Dad yelled at me to "Get Down!!" I can only imagine the concern racing through his mind; upon hearing his voice, I nearly jumped, because I know and respect my father's voice. I would have been non-respondent to a stranger’s voice. Dad's voice would have no meaning to a stranger. For those who have never met their parents, would they recognize their father's voice? How can anyone recognize something they have not heard. Unfortunately, not all recognize God's voice. Unfortunately, not all know Christ. "The miracles I do in my Father's name speak for me, but you do not believe because you are not my sheep." John 10:25-26 Is transforming God's Word, written or spoken, through people a miracle? Is maintaining accuracy of the Word while translating between languages a miracle? I believe both are miracles. Jesus is the Word made Flesh as described in the first chapter of John. Occasionally I hear people say the Bible is NOT God's pure Word, rather simply stories of faithful people during that time. They lack belief of God's ability to speak to the prophets and the interpreters of language over time, because they are unfamiliar with God's voice in their life. Knowing Jesus enables us to comprehend and believe the miracle of God's pure Word in scripture as written by other sheep belonging to Christ. Christ's sheep know His voice, enabling them to believe His miracles. Knowing and hearing Christ's voice allows us to comprehend and believe the human transcribers of scripture also knew, listened and obeyed the pure Word of God. If you have difficulty believing scripture is the pure Word of God, pray for God to open your heart and ears allowing you to know and hear Christ's voice as one of His sheep. Jn. 5:37 “And the Father who sent me has himself testified concerning me. You have never heard his voice nor seen his form, nor does his word dwell in you, for you do not believe the one he sent.” 2 Pe 1:20-21 “Trust the Lord's Calculations” December 22, 2010 Proverbs 3:5 – 7 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.” The method of deriving the correct answers in chemistry or physics courses frequently seems illogical or confusing; perhaps errant. Simple math fails to solve advanced equations! Often in chemistry and physics equations, we must know and properly use constants, such as the speed of gravitation acceleration of 9.81 meters per second per second. A commonly used constant in chemistry is Avogadro’s number of 6.023 x 1023 particles /g. atom. A vast array of other constants and factors are used for advanced calculations. Those using advanced calculations regularly every day, view them as “common sense.” A Beta Sig alumnus and world renowned Professor of Chemical Engineering at Kansas State, Dr. Larry Erickson, calculates extremely advanced equations in his mind – strictly cerebral! To assure proper perspective, an assignment in his class includes calculations enduring up to 40 minutes in Microsoft Excel. These equations epitomize complexity! Most of us, would compare the raw data with the final product, uttering this does not make sense. My mind does not currently possess the wisdom to comprehend and calculate those equations. Are the final products wrong based on my lack of understanding and inability to successfully complete these calculations? Absurd!!! The calculated products are right once calculated properly whether me or anyone else besides the person making the calculations understands. Yet, how often do we hear people, claim the Bible does not make sense simply because we lack the ability to comprehend? How often do we claim God’s ways, his voice in our life, cannot be true because the product is beyond our understanding and ability to calculate how we are transformed from where we are to where God is placing us? Does God use constants in his equations of which we are unaware? Does Avogadro’s number change or cease to exist based on someone’s intellectual capacity? Equally, God’s constants remain regardless of our human understanding. Jesus Christ, the word made flesh, who is one and the same as the Father, alpha and omega, states that he is, “The same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” The triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit may speak to you directly or indirectly; revealing awesome plans for you; lying beyond our comprehension. Believe!!! Christ’s calculations containing the eternal Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of Creation; involve constants beyond the cumulative of human understanding. Leaning on our own understanding or wisdom instead of Christ’s Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding while fearing him, results in foolishness leading to failure. These amazing constants and complex calculations are why we are to trust and fear him. As we acknowledge his advance calculating ability, he will make our paths straight; even when the math does not add up. Pr. 30:5-6 Jn. 1:1 Jn. 5:46 Class notes P. 19 BIBLIOGY: AUTHORITY AND INSPIRATION OF SCRIPTURE “The Bible is alive – it has hands and grabs hold of me, it has feet and runs after me.” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Jn. 14:26 Mt. 28:18–19, 9Mk 12:29; 9Jn 1:14; 9Acts 5:3–4; 2 9Cor. 13:14; 9Heb. 1:1–3; 9Rev. 1:4–6 Romans 5 Jn. 14:6 Jn. 17:3 Romans 5:1 Pr. 3:5-6 Pr. 16:3 Pr. 17:16 Dan Schneider’s prayer at the starting line of Kansas’ State Cross country meet our senior year, “Lord, Help us run a race to glorify you, whether first place or last.” We sought becoming the first team in twenty years to repeat as the best in Kansas. Our Manhattan High (KS) team prioritized glorify Christ ahead of our glory and desires. We did win the title, and alphabetized by THE HARRIER among the top twenty teams in America. My thoughts are derived from reading and studying cover to cover dozens of times; as well as decades of continual topic study. Additionally, I average reading two to three a week in the past twenty years, and approximately five per week this past decade. A significant portion of these thought producing books are authored by theologians such as Martin Luther, Charles Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Norman Vincent Peale, Billy Graham, Ron Ball and others. Before moving to Dallas in August 2011, I donated most to charity; thus they are no longer in my possession to reference specifically. Yet the Holy Spirit working through these books, highly influences my thou

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