Monday, December 13, 2010

Deep Soils

Have you hear the expression, “Adversity builds character”? Numerous metaphors explain the benefits of life’s hardships. God created the deepest soils, the most productive soils, exist in valleys. Usually deep soils comprise of loam texture. Loam soils optimize the combination of water, and nutrients available to the plant as well as root depth and proliferation.
Conversely, slopes frequently contain the shallowest soils. Plants, including their roots, have increased competition on the slopes because of less soil in a defined area. Additionally, plants compete for sunlight on slopes, because of increase leaf area in a horizontal area.

How does this apply to life? When we traverse through the valley we expand our roots and our ability to fully utilize the waters of our Baptism. Increased root depth and prime soil allow greater nutrient uptake as well, thus we improve our preparation to receive the Bread of Life in Christ when in the valley. Moreover, greater root proliferation increases stability.

Conversely, when we rise out of the valley, the roots have limited growth due to shallow soil. Competition for light increases, and we are less stable. Without proper planning, soil and nutrient erosion occurs on the slopes, less water permeates the soil. A good conservation plan increases retained soil, nutrients, and moisture on the slopes.

What is your conservation plan while enjoying life’s climb to success? How do you plan to increase retention of your faith in Christ, your dependence on His strength, grace and mercy? In an agriculture field, crop residue is beneficial for soil retention. Residue is generally proportional to yield. Are you keeping your faith residue in your heart to prevent erosion during success?

Faith residue exists in such things as internalizing scripture, devotions, prayer, fellowship and worship.

When traversing life’s valley, express gratitude for deep soil. Let your roots grow deep and broad. Allow full proliferation for optimal water and nutrient uptake. Retaining faith residue in your heart will protect against faith erosion when climbing out of the valley, encountering shallow soil on your way to great success. This residue will preserve your faith in Christ, your dependence on His strength, grace and mercy!

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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