Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goal Setting and Achieving Seminar

Take the Leap to Greatness; on your Mark, get Set, Goal!

Improve health, happiness and relationships through effective goal setting, achieving and communication.

2011 is upon us, Are your GOALS set?

Are You, Your Team and Community Set to Achieve defined 2011 GOALS?

“Anyone can set GOALS, Achieving them is another matter!”
~ Rick E. Meyer


Rick Meyer of See, Believe, Achieve Inc. GOAL program offers power packed, fun and informative Time Proven Fundamentals and Principles of GOAL Setting and Achieving. Rick leaves the teaching of “Secrets” to the speakers and trainers mastering in ‘snake oil’ and ‘fool’s gold.’

Digging for your Gold Mine of Greatness, requires ageless Principles of Achievement, determination and persistence, like digging for real gold mines.

Rick, a business owner, has run over 105,000 miles, defeating the world’s #1 and #4 ranked marathoners, assisting dozens of All-American athletes and consulting for corporations; defines GOAL:
Frequently we are instructed to “Write down our Goals.”

Participants will learn KEY locations, methods and verbiage of writing GOALS. Vividly Illustrated Principles include:
· Determining Your GOALS
· Prioritizing GOALS
· Communicating GOALS to your TEAM
· Placing GOALS
· Storing GOALS
· Recalling GOALS
· Seven Questions of GOAL Achievement
· How do we convert GOAL into $$$$$$$$$$

Contact See, Believe, Achieve Inc today to schedule your Leap to Greatness! (866) 984-7425 or This is available in pdf form upon request.

"Rick, I think it is excellent." Retired Fortune 500 V.P. of Marketing

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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