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Depends on How Good You Want to Be!

NEWSLETTER ~ October 2006

Depends on How Good You Want to Be

One September morning in high school, I ambled into the cross country coach’s (Congo) office. He was sitting in his office grading papers or going over workouts for the upcoming day. This shy, bow legged, transfer student was scared and nervous as I made my way through this new school. The class size exceeded six times the size of the old school and forty times larger than the grade school I had attended while growing up on the farm.

Upon entering the office of this coaching legend I blurted out my inquiry, “Do I need to be running in the morning?” We were already running intense, tortuous workouts during the afternoon practices. Workouts causing pain in the legs climbing up and down the stairs during the day, in addition to feeling sick every evening.

His response was simple, yet not what I had anticipated nor desired “Depends on how good you want to be Rick Meyer”. Congo’s lack of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply frustrated me. As a teenager I reflected upon this response throughout the day as I sat in class. However, when awakened by the alarm clock performing its assigned duty the next morning, I was quickly out the door running. I did have the desire to be as good as possible. In fact, twenty plus years later, I continue to run in the morning regularly. Those dark winter mornings when the mercury is well below zero, I still reflect upon Congo’s response “Depends on how good you want to be Rick Meyer” as I head out the door for yet another run.

The challenge, “Depends on how good you want to be”, provided an opportunity for an array of lessons for my teenage mind. This is a question we should ask ourselves everyday.

• Should we invest extra time and effort to benefit our family, friends, clients, and employees or board of directors whether it be building relationships or synthesizing a report?

• Do we need to make the extra phone call to secure the appointment or contract?

• Is the extra practice on our upcoming oral reports and presentations necessary?

• Should we make the extra effort to assist and encourage our spouse and/or children?

Depends on how good you want to be ……

See Christ, Believe Christ, Achieve with Christ!

Rick E. Meyer
See, Believe, Achieve Inc.

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